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Brazilian Supermarket Serves up Recipes on Tablet Devices

A Brazilian supermarket has used tablet devices in-store to engage with customers. The interactive marketing campaign saw trolleys fitted with tablets that responded to nearby products with recipe suggestions.

By Jessica Benton | 16 May 2013
Neuromarketing: Tapping into Consumer Psychology Increases Conversions

The best marketers can read consumer psychology intimately, including the specific functions of various facets of the human brain. This school of thought has led to the practice known as neuromarketing.

By Shani Flynn | 27 Mar 2013
SPECIAL REPORT #29: Content Marketing

There’s a significant trend occurring in retail, and that is the convergence of retail and publishing, as more businesses try to attain a competitive advantage through content marketing. This FREE Special Report contains the information...

By Jessica Benton | 13 Feb 2013
New E-marketing Platform Set to Raise Australian Online Standards

Permission has joined forces with Emailvision in an effort to match international standards for digital marketing analysis, customisation and sales generation in Australia.

By Jessica Benton | 03 Sep 2012
Online Retailer: the Essential Event for Savvy Online Traders

Retail is moving at hyper-speed. But what are the strategies you actually need to succeed? Do your business a favour and attend Online Retailer later this month, where you’ll learn from the leading industry experts.

By Jessica Benton | 03 Jul 2012
The New Google+ Feature Could Be Any Marketer's Dream

Google has recently unveiled a new API for its fledgling social network, Google+, which not only competes with Facebook's Timeline feature, but may also have many marketers drooling over its potential.

Infographic: Further Proof that Tablets are a Big Deal for Retailers

Connected audiences are leading the way when it comes to making purchases online. Now there's mounting evidence to show that the tablet will soon be their weapon of choice.

Big W Debuts State of the Art Advertising

Big W celebrates the installation of a new 'living surface' interactive display, a technology that aims to assist traditional stores in their battle against online retail.

UK Groupon Sets Complaints Record

In the last year, Groupon UK has received an unprecedented number of complaints about its marketing tactics and the way it treats users.

Retailers Falling in Line with Online

Offering in-store customer service was once a case of asking "Can I help you?" but this practice may soon be made obsolete by new technologies.

Consumer-Supplier Relationships are Changing Online

Some of the leading floor-care suppliers are beginning to rethink their strategy when it comes to selling products. Gone are the days of the door-to-door vacuum salesman - the entire customer qualification and rapport-building process...

Discounts in Email Marketing Campaigns See Best Value for Brands

Emails have suffered a serious blow at the hands of social networks, however marketing campaigns can still be used on this platform to elevate a brand's profile.