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Why Big Brands are Turning to TikTok for Marketing

There's a rise in large brands turning to apps like TikTok for their new marketing campaigns, and they're working.

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 01 May 2019
Internal Barriers Hinder Marketing Integration Efforts

The US Direct Marketing Association finds, though marketers consider cross-channel marketing integration a priority, unclear business objectives hinder results.

OfferMe Evolves: Launching Group Buying Virtual Mall

OfferMe evolves its group buying platform concept, by launching virtual shopping mall MeStore - offering retailers the opportunity to broaden offers and reach.

Special Report #13 Video in Online Retail

Download our FREE Video in Online Retail report, which provides a comprehensive overview and insights, to enhance and bring to life the e-commerce experience.

Engaging the Senses: The Rise of Online Video Marketing

Our latest Special Report delves into the world of online video, providing a comprehensive overview and insights for enhancing the e-commerce experience.

The Lowdown: Assessing Third-Party Marketing Solutions

Dermot McCutcheon from Aprimo, lists what considerations retailers should have when assessing and engaging third-party marketing technology solution providers.