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What ABS and RBA Figures Mean for Aussie Online Retailers

Australian retail turnover may have dipped in December 2020, but the industry is heads and shoulders above the same period in 2019. What do these figures indicate about the future of retail in Australia?

Power Retail By Power Retail | 08 Feb 2021
Online Retail Up 22% in Q1 2015

Payment gateway eWay has released figures for online retail spend across Australia in the first quarter, showing a 22% rise over Q1 2014.

By Grant Arnott | 30 Apr 2015
Australian Retail Continues to Fall Behind Online in 2013

A joint study by NetSuite and the Australian Retail Association reveals Australian retailers are unprepared to take advantage of the online retail sector, with only 30 percent of retail businesses transacting online.

By Sam Gopal | 27 Aug 2013
US Online Retail Spend Now Accounts for 10% of All Retail - comScore

Digital research firm comScore is reporting a boon year for online retail spend in the US, with a record $186 billion in e-commerce sales for the calendar year 2012.

By Grant Arnott | 11 Feb 2013
US Consumers Spend $816M on Black Friday with Amazon at the Top

Online visits to e-commerce sites on Black Friday were up 26% from 2011, with Amazon scooping the pool, followed closely by its multichannel competitors.