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Five Stars: The Importance of Customer Reviews

Reviews are an extremely important factor in any e-commerce strategy. explains the importance of authentic reviews for a brand and why fabricated ones can damage a brand's image.

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 26 Jun 2019
The Name of the Game in E-Commerce

How can a company make a customer feel as though they're part of an elite club, or that they're getting the best deal available? Gamification of e-commerce platforms are now changing the way retailers attract...

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 04 Jun 2019
Starbucks Partners with Alibaba to Shift China’s Coffee Industry into the Digital World

The two influential companies plan to reshape the coffee industry in China, with updated delivery services and a virtual store expanding Starbucks across platforms.

Expand Your E-Commerce Horizons: Ecommando 1/2 Day Course

Flex your e-commerce muscle with this jam-packed half day course designed to whip your digital business into shape.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 11 Apr 2016
SPECIAL REPORT #32: Marketplaces 2.0

The growth trajectory of online marketplaces runs parallel with that of the evolution of online retail. This FREE Special Report, sponsored by ChannelAdvisor, contains the information required to effectively leverage online marketplaces, analysing the latest...

By Jessica Benton | 17 Jul 2013
Finding the Right Present Online – It's a Gift!

Creating best practice online user experiences is vital to increasing your bottom line. This is especially apparent with gifts and specialty goods as customers may not have a specific product in mind. Mark Brixton from...

By Mark Brixton | 05 Jun 2013
John Lewis: £1bn Online Sales Milestone Ahead of Schedule

UK retailer John Lewis continues to ride the e-commerce train of success, announcing online sales have exceeded £1billion on a consecutive 52-week basis.

By Jessica Benton | 08 May 2013
Tackling Retail Challenges: The Clausewitz Way

What can retailers learn from military strategist Carl von Clausewitz? Retail Directions' Andrew Gorecki believes there's much to be gained from applying Clausewitz's war defence principals in the retail environment.

By Andrew Gorecki | 21 Mar 2013
SPECIAL REPORT #30: Social Commerce

It's no secret; social commerce helps to power retail businesses. It has much to do with the engagement and community factor, as well as the advertising and conversion uplift potential. Learn about this evolving phenomenon...

By Jessica Benton | 13 Mar 2013
SLI Systems and FitForCommerce Retail Study; Site Search vs. Re-platforming

SLI Systems and FitForCommerce have released a study that details how retailers can leverage an advanced site search solution to alleviate the need for costly and time-consuming re-platforming exercises. The study findings have been published...

By Jessica Benton | 05 Mar 2013
EverMe: Australia’s Answer to Buying Bags Online

Discovering a niche in the Australian fashion market is the driving inspiration behind a new e-commerce venture, EverMe. The result, an online store dedicated to all things handbags, luggage and accessories-related.

By Jessica Benton | 04 Mar 2013
Retailers Trump Consumer Loyalty Index for Emotional Engagement

Retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart are among some of the best to achieve emotional engagement with their customers, according to a new survey.

By Jessica Benton | 26 Feb 2013