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20 Questions with Tony Nash, Founder & CEO of Booktopia

Tony Nash is no stranger to the e-commerce game. As CEO and Founder of Booktopia, he might just know it all, but do you know much about him? We asked him 20 questions to find...

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 01 Nov 2021
THE ICONIC's New Adaptive Edit is 'Inclusive, Accessible and Empowering' for Shoppers

Almost 20 percent of the Australian population live with a disability and access other needs, and despite this growing need to service and accommodate shoppers, many consumers are left out. THE ICONIC is hoping to...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 10 Aug 2021
Online Retailer, Boohoo, Snaps Up Failing Arcadia Brands

Pureplay online retailers are taking over the once-great high street retailers in Britain. Boohoo has just snapped up the remaining Arcadia brands in the effort to diversify market share and customer base, further developing its online...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 10 Feb 2021
Amazon Flex is Expanding Across Australia

Amazon Flex has been in Australia since January, but now it's hitting Queensland, debuting in Brisbane to cut delivery times for online consumers.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 17 Sep 2020
Adore Beauty Inks New CEO Role

Adore Beauty is flipping its leadership roles around, with the introduction of its new CEO, Tennealle O'Shannessy.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 28 Aug 2020
Vision Direct Takes the Leap into Bricks and Mortar

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Vision Direct is opening its first bricks and mortar store in Melbourne. This bold move will see the previously online-only retailer join the ranks of other recently anointed multichannel brands.

April Davis By April Davis | 12 Apr 2018
Pureplay Not Viable for Long-Term Success, Report Argues

Is the pureplay retail model viable for long-term success? A new report argues that the move into bricks-and-mortar is integral to the survival of any online retailer.

By Julian Thumm | 12 Feb 2016