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Four Things Australian Retailers Want This Christmas

Customers know how they want to shop this Christmas, but too many retailers are failing to provide it. Netsuite offers some tips for creating the kind of omnichannel experience that shoppers want.

By Mark Troselj | 07 Dec 2015
Blending Once Separate Silos: Bricks and Mortar Meets Online

One of the major challenges still facing retailers is how to successfully balance and complement online and offline channels from being separate silos, writes Stephen Duncan.

By Stephen Duncan | 13 Aug 2013
Tackling Retail Challenges: The Clausewitz Way

What can retailers learn from military strategist Carl von Clausewitz? Retail Directions' Andrew Gorecki believes there's much to be gained from applying Clausewitz's war defence principals in the retail environment.

By Andrew Gorecki | 21 Mar 2013
Chinese Online Retailer Battles Bricks-and-Mortar with Invisible Stores

One of China's leading online retail businesses, Yihaodian, opened 1,000 'invisible' stores over the weekend, which relied completely on augmented reality technology.

Email and Paid Search Biggest Influencers of Online Sales

A new study suggests online retailers should be focusing more on email and paid search marketing tactics and less on social media, in order to boost online transactions.

By Ellie Cummins | 09 Oct 2012
Virtual Fitting Room Made Possible by Estonian Robots

An essential problem with buying clothes online has been overcome by an Estonian company with the help of shape-shifting robots.

Big W Debuts State of the Art Advertising

Big W celebrates the installation of a new 'living surface' interactive display, a technology that aims to assist traditional stores in their battle against online retail.

Online Pressures Threaten the Weekend

Australia's major banks are angling to have ordinary working hours extended across the weekend with a view to make rostering more flexible - and it's e-commerce that is to blame once again.

Is Ongoing Discounting Good for the E-commerce Industry?

Many people shop online because they believe they will find products cheaper than in a physical store. While this may be true to an extent, the practice is hurting retail. Chris Morley, Director of eezyempire,...

By Chris Morley | 30 Mar 2012
Online Retail in India Continues to Pick Up Pace

With its massive population, many of whom live in regional towns and are quickly catching onto shopping online, it's easy to see why e-commerce is taking off in India.

Australian Fashion Labels Make a Good Fit Online

Retail stalwart Just Group continues to develop a reputation online as newcomer GASP Jeans presents its first e-commerce site, proving that despite stiff competition, the transition to multichannel doesn't have to be painful.

American Fashion Label Begins Australian Invasion

In yet another example of a US retailer looking to reach a wider audience, fashion label J.Crew will now ship products to our shores and over 100 other countries.