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What Are the Latest Critical Trends Observed in Retail?

There have been a plethora of changes facing retail since the outbreak of COVID-19. We sat down with Beatrice Ellefsen, the Head of Customer Success, APAC at dotdigital to examine these trends and the importance...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 01 May 2020
eStar Chief Client Officer Gets Personal: The Rise of Product Personalisation

Richard Berridge, eStar's Chief Client Officer, talks about the growth of personalisation and its role in customer engagement in a digital context.

By Richard Berridge | 26 Nov 2019
How Can You Take the Road to CX Success?

How can you take your business to the next level? We sat down with Phil Leahy, the CEO of Retail Global, to discuss the upcoming free event in Melbourne, The Road to CX Success, and...

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 24 Aug 2019
Four Ways to Grow Your Mailing List Through Social Media

Growing a mailing list and leveraging social media are both vital elements of strategy, but how can retailers turn social media followers into email subscribers?

By Tink Taylor | 28 Aug 2018
How to Manage the Complex World of Multichannel Order Fulfilment

Whether you’re selling on two, three, four or six marketplaces, how you manage order fulfilment can produce both operational and financial efficiencies.

powerretail By Powerretail | 14 Aug 2018
How To Optimise Checkout: From Autofill To Cart Visibility With Harmony Hosted Address Validation

If buying online isn’t super easy, customers simply won't bother to progress their purchase through to that elusive payment confirmation. Savvy companies know they must impress their customers as much at checkout as in the rest...

powerretail By Powerretail | 31 Jul 2018
Retail Technologies Supporting Customer Service in a Digital Age

Helen Di Giacomo, the director of enterprise mobility at SOTI Australia, looks at how emerging retail technologies are bridging the gap between online and offline shopping.

By Helen Di Giacomo | 24 Jul 2018
FBA and Prime: Why Should You Care?

Fulfilment by Amazon launched last month and Prime is on its way. How will this shake up the retail sector and what do you need to know to stay on top?

By Simon Kelly | 16 Mar 2018
Australian Brands Access 60 Million UK Consumers

Australian retail brands are experiencing counter-intuitive growth to the UK, as the UK aims to fast-track innovation and connections to new sources of growth.

By Colman Ridge | 26 Oct 2016
Customer Experience in an Omnichannel World – Join the Commerce Masterclass

Join internationally renowned business intellectual Don Peppers and former Bookworld CEO, James Webber at the SAP Hybris Commerce Masterclass on Friday 18 March in Melbourne.

By Stuart ONeill | 09 Mar 2016
Infographic: The Retailer’s Guide to Remarketing

This infographic reveals the good, the bad and the huge opportunities for e-retailers across the globe.

By Joanne Liu | 12 Sep 2014