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Brazilian Supermarket Serves up Recipes on Tablet Devices

A Brazilian supermarket has used tablet devices in-store to engage with customers. The interactive marketing campaign saw trolleys fitted with tablets that responded to nearby products with recipe suggestions.

By Jessica Benton | 16 May 2013
Enhancing the In-store Experience with Tablets

As tablets continue to have a profound impact on how consumers shop in the digital world, multichannel retailers are realising that they can also be used to enhance the in-store experience.

By Ellie Cummins | 25 Sep 2012
Exclusive Review: brandsExclusive Launches iPad App

For a pureplay retailer, brandsExclusive seems to have a lot of channels covered. The Australian online shopping club is diving into t-commerce with the launch of its iPad app this week.

Infographic: Further Proof that Tablets are a Big Deal for Retailers

Connected audiences are leading the way when it comes to making purchases online. Now there's mounting evidence to show that the tablet will soon be their weapon of choice.

Forrester Updates US Tablet Forecasts

With tablet engagement gaining unprecedented drive in the US, Forrester Research has reevaluated its forecasts concerning consumer usage of the mobile devices, and believes only the innovators and disruptors will be able to stake out...

Miss Terry Shopper Embraces T-Commerce

While tablet devices certainly aren't new, Miss Terry Shopper finally gives into t-commerce and discovers a whole new world of digital retail available at her fingertips.

Shoppers Prefer Tablets for Browsing and Buying

An Ability Commerce study has shown that tablets are a greater driver of retail revenues than smartphones, despite accounting for a lower percentage of traffic.

By Neha Kale | 05 Sep 2011
E-Commerce the Top Sales Channel For Neiman Marcus

E-commerce investment is reaping rewards for luxury retailer Neiman Marcus with online retail growth set to outpace brick and mortar sales.

By Neha Kale | 27 May 2011
New Report: Tablet Owners Trump Smartphone Users in Online Shopping Stakes

A new e-Tailing Group survey has revealed that tablet users buy more online than their smartphone counterparts, with 68% of tablet owners using the device to make a purchase in the last six months.

By Neha Kale | 20 May 2011
Why Online Retailers Should Watch out for Apple

Tech giant Apple plays a major role in mobile commerce and online retail trends and is set to drive tablet commerce growth with the launch of the iPad 2.

By Neha Kale | 10 Mar 2011