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The Party People Add Christmas Cheer with New Pop-Up Store

Pop-ups are one of the hottest trends for retailers who are hoping to try something new. Whether they're testing out the waters for a new location, offering a limited omnichannel experience or simply capturing a...

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 14 Nov 2019
Smart Mirrors Brings Experience Shopping to Australian Shoppers

A recent report from Forrester stated that more than 70 per cent of retailers worldwide claims to spend on in-store digital technology to give their customers more personalised experience and digital shopping experience.

Chandan Panda By Chandan Panda | 02 Sep 2019
#Fail: Online Retailers Tell Us What Happened When It All Went Wrong

It's unavoidable. If you're in business, things will go wrong, whether it's something major or something minor, something within your control or totally outside of it. Here, online retailers tell us what happened, and how...

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 20 Mar 2019
3 Retailers On How They Deal With Copycat Competitors

You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into your online business and then suddenly, a website pops up copying your innovative idea. What do you do? We ask the experts.

April Davis By April Davis | 13 Mar 2019
The Calm After the Storm: Aussie Retailers Share December Results, January Plans

November has quickly become a big month for the Australian online sector, while December is traditionally the busiest shopping season of the year. What does that make January?

April Davis By April Davis | 14 Jan 2019
Online Sales Spark Woes For Aussie Bricks-and-Mortar Retailers

In Australia, and across the world, there has been a clear shift in the way consumers shop during the key Christmas trade period, with online sales events causing problems for December foot traffic.

April Davis By April Davis | 10 Jan 2019
The Party People Trial Cross-Channel Scan and Go Tech

The Party People are no strangers to the world of omnichannel customer experience, having dabbled with pop-ups in the past. This Halloween, the company is ramping things up with new scan and go tech.

April Davis By April Davis | 23 Oct 2018
The 2018 Eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards Winners Revealed

Some of the country’s leading retailers were recognised for their contribution to the industry on Thursday morning at the 2018 Eftpos ARA Australian Retail Awards.

April Davis By April Davis | 18 Oct 2018
Two-Hour Delivery Expected by 2028

According to a new body of research, 55 percent of logistics companies expect to be providing two-hour delivery services by 2028.

April Davis By April Davis | 28 Jun 2018
What Online Retailers Really Think About One-Hour Shipping

Fast shipping is a hot e-commerce topic at the moment, but how do retailers actually feel about the service? We talk to Showpo, Tinyme and The Party People to find out.

April Davis By April Davis | 25 Jun 2018
Could Gender Quotas Save Retailers?

How beneficial are gender quotas in the workplace? Dean Salakas, Co-CEO at The Party People, discusses how gender quotas could potentially hold the secret to solving the retail industry’s woes.

By Dean Salakas | 07 Jun 2018
What Amazon's Geoblock Really Means, According to Retailers

What’s the real reason behind Amazon’s decision to block Australian consumers from its international sites, and what does it mean for local retailers? E-commerce experts and online retailers share their opinions.

April Davis By April Davis | 05 Jun 2018