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3 Experts Talk Social Media and E-Commerce Growth

Retail no longer follows a traditional shopping model; it has become a truly omnichannel experience. Power Retail talks to three experts about how to leave a mark on consumers in an increasingly social media-oriented world.

April Davis By April Davis | 02 May 2018
eBay Changes Cause Angst with PeSA

The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance is expressing outrage over a recent global change to eBay’s product image policy. eBay says the change is necessary.

By Grant Arnott | 05 Jul 2017
Finding Wriggle Room in a Crowded eBay Marketplace

As eBay increasingly caters to larger retail brand names, it's important for retailers of all sizes to be aware of their strengths when selling on eBay.

By Tim Davies | 29 Mar 2016
Former eBay Executive Takes the Helm at PeSA Australia

PeSA Australia has separated from the Internet Conference, launching its own website and appointing former eBay executive, Tim Davies, as President.

By Julian Thumm | 09 Mar 2016
Getting Started on eBay: Fees and Startup Costs

What does it cost to start a business on eBay? Tim Davies discusses the ins and outs of setting up a sales channel in the virtual marketplace.

By Tim Davies | 24 May 2013
Power Up: The Online Retail Entrepreneur’s Guide - The Virtual Marketplace

There are dozens of different places to set up an online store. Today, we take a look at eBay, the site that defines the virtual marketplace.