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Four Must-Know Marketing Trends for 2020

From SEO to social media, there are plenty of new and old trends that are making waves throughout retail - here are four of the hottest trends for a successful marketing campaign. 

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 29 Oct 2019
The Role of Video in Today’s E-Commerce Marketplace

In order to gain and retain today’s customers (and the shopper of the future), retailers must innovate to embody the best of both the on- and offline shopping worlds—combining product tangibility with convenience, choice with...

By Brightcove | 22 Aug 2019
Instagram to Roll Out Video View Counts

In an effort to increase advertising revenue, Instagram has announced the rollout of video view counts.

By Julian Thumm | 15 Feb 2016
Infographic - The Benefits of Video Marketing Online

Unsure of the benefits and mechanics of using video marketing online in order to increase engagement and conversions? This infographic lays it out straight.

Do You Leverage Video In Your Digital Marketing Mix?

Video may have killed the radio star... But does it enhance online? Let us know your thoughts in our brief survey - the results will be featured in our upcoming Video Special Report.

Video Marketing: Gaining the Competitive Advantage in E-Commerce

John Lawson, founder of, provides insights and tips to help retailers leverage the burgeoning video marketing space.

By John Lawson | 23 Feb 2011