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Food Traders: Bringing Fresh Produce Online

Father and son team, Robert and Bradley Falzon are passionate about fresh produce and have been working tirelessly to bring it online by creating a new, virtual marketplace.

eBay Launches Training Course for Australian Sellers

So far there has been a distinct lack of training for online retail entrants in this country, but eBay's new partnership with DDLS may change all of that.

eBay Marks App's Fifth Anniversary with Niche Report

In the five years since eBay released its first mobile app, the mobile commerce space has grown rapidly. Today, people will even buy and sell while on the toilet as this study shows.

eBay Targets $195 Billion in Emerging Markets

Recent analysis of emerging markets such as Russia or China reveals the massive opportunity for US-based online marketplace eBay.

Quicksales Looks to Take on Gumtree, eBay by Removing Seller Fees

In a surprising twist to the ongoing pricing battle in the virtual marketplace field, Quicksales has moved towards a '100% FREE' model for seller fees.

eBay Australia's Fee Changes

Recently, we announced eBay's US Spring update amended fees to the benefit of American sellers. Unfortunately, the news doesn't seem quite as positive for Australian sellers.

Jooman Park to Lead eBay Australia, New Zealand

Leader of eBay Korea, Jooman Park has been chosen to replace Deborah Starkey in her role as leader of eBay Australia & New Zealand Pty Ltd come July.

eBay Simplifies Fees in Spring Seller Update

As the virtual marketplace field becomes more crowded, an apparent war for third party sellers is just heating up. Now, eBay simplifies fees in the latest salvo against Amazon.

Kiwi Marketplace Trade Me Becomes a Threatened Species

As Trade Me's financial report arrives this week, CEO Jon Macdonald reveals the marketplace is under threat of losing customers to offshore retailers and evolving consumer trends.

Infographic: eBay's 100 Million

eBay is celebrating its 100 millionth app download as well as 100 million listings via mobile, solidifying the virtual marketplace's place within m-commerce.

Alibaba Says It's Leading E-Commerce

You probably think that Amazon is the world's leading online retailer, but that's no longer the case. At least, not according to Alibaba.

Etsy: Crafting an Online Marketplace with an Engaged Community

The community-minded online crafts marketplace Etsy has risen through the ranks of e-commerce ventures in just a handful of years, carving out a huge niche where previously few would have realised one existed.