Final Word on Connected TV – The Price of Streaming & Video Advertising

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Concluding his series on Connected TV Advertising, Adam Shalagin encourages us to think of it as natural extension of your digital marketing toolkit.

So as my series of articles on Connected TV Advertising comes to an end, I wanted to summarise some key points and be really clear on what it costs to advertise with Video. 

There is nothing more prevalent right now than social media led strategies driving reach and connection at scale using video content, but where video advertising can be consumed has expanded dramatically.

In Fact – Video is Everywhere! 

The range of impact and cost is enormous – here are some 2024 approximates…

  • Tik Tok – CPMs range from $3 to $5.
  • Instagram – CPMs range from $10 to $20.
  • YouTube – CPMs range from $10 to $20.
  • Connected TV – CPMs range from $30 to $50. 
  • Broadcast TV – A 30 second spot ranges dramatically in cost from a few dollars to thousands.
  • Super Bowl – A 30-second spot costs $10 million!

Now I don’t expect anyone reading this to jump on a Super Bowl Ad, however all the publishers and content providers above price their product based on audience and effectiveness and are competing for the same Ad dollars.  Streamed Ads on Connected TV across Premium Channels such as 9now, 7Plus and Kayo are very much in range of what you are currently spending on other channels. 

Think of connected TV as video advertising, just as you would video across Meta, TikTok or YouTube – a natural extension of your digital marketing toolkit.

Remember these key take aways:

  • Premium Environments are no longer price exclusive.
  • A disrupted media environment offers huge opportunities for advertisers to grow. 
  • Do not fear the creative
  • Never before has creative production been less of a barrier
  • Re-cut the creative for use across other channels outside Connected TV 
  • Targeted and Measurable
  • You can now get a clear ROAS on your streamed media on Connected TV
  • Reach a new Audience
  • Extend what you do outside of Social media channels to reach a new audience and grow our new customer acquisition.

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Words by Adam Shalagin, Managing Director, , Co-Founder, 

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