Finder: more than a third of shoppers miss out on discounts

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New research from Finder shows that shoppers are missing out on sales prices, and it urges customers to do their research and shop savvy this peak season.

Recent research from Finder has revealed that 2 in 5 shoppers have bought something that later went on sale, and only 7 percent took action to get the sale price.

According to Finder, 43 percent of Australians – equivalent to 8.7 million people – have bought something that later went on sale or for less after. 

“Buyer’s remorse is common, but shoppers shouldn’t feel discouraged,” Angus Kidman, shopping expert at Finder said. “While you might save, you run the risk of it going out of stock.

“Price tracking tools, browser extensions and mobile apps can be your best shot at ensuring you get the best deal.”

“Some retailers offer price adjustments if an item goes on sale shortly after a purchase, so if you notice a price drop, reaching out to customer service can score you some savings.

“Keeping a receipt on hand always makes the process easier, as does approaching a retailer appropriately – they might be more inclined to offer a refund, credit note, or gift card.

“If you purchased the item using a credit card, check if they offer protection benefits as you might be eligible for a refund of the difference if the price drops within a certain period,” Kidman said.

Finder shared their top tips to get the best deals:

  • Start online first: online sales offer you broader choices than a physical store, and the sales generally start earlier. 
  • The early bird gets the worm: get organised and start buying food and gifts early to make the most of the holiday season deals and spread the cost.
  • Do your research: another common mistake is shopping with little preparation. If you’ve got a wishlist, know what the regular prices are so you can tell whether you’re really saving.
  • Know the returns policy: checking the returns policy before you shop is key, as this will help you make more effective purchasing decisions.

Recently released Power Retail data from the Switched On Trajectory Report has found that the majority of savvy customers are saving their online spend for major sales events in the next few months. 82 percent of shoppers wait for a sales event to make their purchases.  This year, 64 percent are preparing for Click Frenzy, which kicks off today, October 24,  while 74 percent are saving for Black Friday and 47 percent for its follow-on event Cyber Monday. Spending may be on the rise, but affordability is what draws customers to online sales events in the first place. The top incentives for shoppers to participate are free delivery, discounts, and good deals.

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