Flipkart Uses Google Bot to Help Customers Haggle Online

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Flipkart has worked with Google Zoo to develop a ‘Hagglebot’ for its annual online sale, with the immersive voice-based bot reportedly bringing an authentic market experience to the online platform.

Flipkart kicked off its Big Billion Days sale Wednesday morning, but this year’s sale comes with a difference – haggling. Replicating a real-life local market experience, the Indian e-commerce platform is using a bot from Google Assistant to help customers snag a bargain.
According to Flipkart, two new products for customers to haggle over will be released each day. Using voice-based technology through Google Assistant, consumers will be able to search for the latest products and negotiate the best possible price with the bot. At the end of each day, the best price negotiator will be crowned the ‘boss’ and will win a free product. The deal secured on each item will then become the price of the product for everyone else.
Google Zoo and Flipkart reportedly worked together to create the Hagglebot, which is available on both Android and iOS devices, and according to Flipkart’s Head of Brand Marketing, Kartikeya Bhandari, it offers a unique online shopping experience.
“Bargaining is rooted in our culture and we have now integrated that with the convenience of online shopping,” she said. “We hope our customers have a great time with this unique, rich and immersive experience.”


Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale is offering special deals and the chance for consumers to ‘haggle’ with new Google tech.

Flipkart is one of the first companies to utilise voice-based search in a large-scale promotional activity, using Google’s technology to create an authentic, engaging customer experience.
“The Flipkart Hagglebot experience should feel very natural and respond quickly across a large range of devices. We hope Flipkart customers love this next-generation voice experience,” said Gene Brutty, the creating director of Google Zoo, APAC.
According to Brutty, the bot has been built through DialogFlow on Google Assistant and is remotely powered by the Google Cloud Platform. The bot has been designed to use natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to consumers in real-time.
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