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Ethical marketplace Flora & Fauna is the latest data breach victim

The company reports that a malicious code was transmitting customer credit card details to a third party between 13 August 2022 and 29 September 2022. Approximately 2,500 customers may have been affected by this data breach. Credit card numbers and expiry dates may have been compromised. CVV codes, customer names, and passwords were not compromised in this breach.

“We take the privacy and security of customer data very seriously,” BWX CEO Rory Gration said. “We want to assure our customers that we acted promptly to identify, isolate and remove the malicious code on the Flora & Fauna website, as well as taking additional steps to upgrade security on the Flora & Fauna website.”

This data breach is not an isolated incident. Cybercrime has ramped up this year with many Australian companies being targeted by this constantly evolving threat in recent months.

The Australian Cyber and Security Centre (ACSC) launches its third annual Cyber Threat Report on Friday. Key findings report that the ACSC received over 76,000 cybercrime reports in the past financial year, an average of one every seven minutes. This was a 13 percent increase on last year.

According to the report, the average cost per cybercrime report has risen to around $40,000 for small business, over $88,000 for medium business, and over $62,000 for large business. However in the case of this particular breach, BWX does not anticipate a material impact on its business due to this incident.

Recent data breach victims include Mydeal, Vinomofo, Optus, and Medibank among others. In October, Medibank confirmed 9.7 million users had their data compromised. Today, a ransomware group have posted on the darknet that this data would be published in 24 hours following a failed ransom attempt by the hackers. Though this threat was not substantiated, Medibank’s decision not to pay the ransom follows government advice as there is no evidence to suggest that paying a ransom would keep the data secure.

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  1. Sophia Weigang November 10, 2022 at 6:44 PM - Reply

    Today, someone, who bought something from, in Redwood City, California, made an unauthorised transaction of $93.33 from mine & my husbands account & several other attempts. The bank stopped another transaction, just wish that they would have stopped that one too, since it’s a company in the USA. Sorry, Flora & Fauna, as much as I liked shopping with you, I don’t dare anymore. Wishing you all the best, though. Will limit online shopping substantially & prefer direct bank deposits, when doing so.

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