Food delivery lockers a huge hit in Melbourne

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Hungry Panda has partnered with Foodifox as food delivery lockers take off in Australia following huge success in Asian markets.

Thermal food locker company Foodifox offers a solution to a very modern problem. The company offers secure lockers to keep food deliveries warm and secure for customers living in multi-residential apartments, corporate offices, hospitals, and educational institutions. With security measures preventing door drop off, confusing instructions, and long waiting times deterring delivery drivers from sticking around for a handover, Foodifox has narrowed in on a hungry market that wants warm, secure, and convenient food deliveries.

 Chinese food delivery company Hungry Panda has partnered with the company following the success of similar models in Asian markets, with indications the trend is set to take off in the US and Europe. 

Foodifox lockers have popped up in dozens of locations across Melbourne and are free of charge to Building Managers, with the costs reportedly varied by delivery partners happy to pay for the speed of delivery and avoidance of confusing building rules and restrictions. Currently, they are being trialled in four high-volume student accommodation buildings run by RoomingKos, as well as 30 corporate locations across the city.

The high tech lockers are big enough to hold a standard delivery bag and keep food warm for up to 3 hours. 

Tim Pagram, Foodifox CSO and co-Founder said: “We know the best food delivery must be hot, fresh, and convenient, but sometimes the value of meal delivery services is lost due to logistical challenges. To ensure the last-mile element of these deliveries aren’t a pain point for all parties, we want to ensure food delivery is convenient for both the consumer and delivery partner.”

Foodifox surveyed 1000 high-rise dwellers in Australia and found 40 percent of respondents reported that they had received cold or damaged food from food delivery drivers, and a further 53 percent say they’ve experienced significant delays with deliveries. 

Hungry Panda CEO and Founder, Kelu Liu said: “We are thrilled to partner with Foodifox to bring the convenience of thermal food lockers to our customers and delivery partners. This collaboration not only enhances the delivery experience for our customers, ensuring their orders arrive fresh and secure, but also streamlines operations for our dedicated delivery riders.”

“As the trend of smart lockers gains momentum globally, particularly in thriving Asian markets, we’re excited to be at the forefront of innovation by collaborating with Foodifox and introducing thermal food lockers to Australia. The adoption of thermal food lockers is a significant step towards creating a seamless and reliable food delivery ecosystem for our customers, drivers, and restaurant partners.”

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