Forrester Identifies 4 Best Mobile Retail Apps

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According to Forrester Research, there are four mobile retail apps that are leagues ahead of their competitors.

According to a report from Forrester Research, The Home Depot tops the list of retailers in the US offering mobile shopping apps, with the research firm also singling out Sephora, Walmart and Target for their efforts.

With apps that look beyond simple mobile commerce, each business is reportedly offering extra value to customers, forging ahead to take a share of the $1 trillion retail market in the US. Forrester also predicts that mobile commerce will also have a significant impact on bricks-and-mortar sales in the next 12-months, with 32 percent of offline revenue in the US expected to come from smartphones.

“This means that retail mobile apps must now meld the physical and digital worlds for customers, not simply bridge them,” the report says.

The Home Depot’s app was rated the most impressive, with Forrester claiming it acted like a personal customer service agent, helping customers to navigate the virtual store. The app includes features such as visual item mapping data and inventory availability, as well as what Forrester refers to as “best-in-class” product sorting and filtering. Buying guides also come with augmented reality functionalities and 360-degree views and videos.

Sephora, which ranked second in the list reportedly has easy-to-use search functionality and interactive cues that guide shoppers through their purchase journeys. Meanwhile, Walmart is ahead of its peers by providing shoppers with detailed in-store maps and for bundling complementary products based on a user’s search history. However, Forrester did say that unclear headers and irrelevant marketing materials lowered the department store’s overall score.

In fourth place was Target’s mobile app, with the US-based retailer excelling with its use of AR for furniture placement and the incorporation of voice search using Apple’s Siri.

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