Four Essential Ways to Boost Mobile Sales

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M-Commerce is on its way to becoming the norm for online retailers and customers alike. There's a myriad of ways that a retailer can utilise m-commerce - from SMS marketing to an optimised mobile site, here are four essential ways to boost mobile sales. 

According to the Power Retail Spotlight Series report: Retailer Apps, 82 per cent of online shoppers who own a smartphone have downloaded a retailer app. The most popular apps for Australian online shoppers include ASOS, THE ICONIC, Ozsale and Naked Wines. In contrast, the American online shopper prefers to use Home Depot, Walmart, Sephora and Target.

Of course, online shopping on mobile isn’t purely app-related. Whether it’s a Retailer App or via a mobile browser, there are plenty of ways a retailer can attract new shoppers via their smartphone.

  1. Optimise Your Mobile Site

    This is an essential factor for every retailer to consider, no matter how big or small the company is. When a customer needs to find something online, they’re most likely planning to do it on their mobile. Not everyone has access to a laptop, and a quick search on mobile will grant them the information they need within seconds. However, a site that loads slowly, has poorly sized images or looks exactly like the desktop site (only smaller), can all cause the customer to have a bad experience with the company. Aside from the instantly better appearance that your website will have, the site will also be much better for SEO (search engine optimisation).

  2. Use SMS to Launch New Products

    For those who have opted-in to an SMS marketing campaign, capture the attention of your customers by reaching them via SMS. Whether it’s a new product, a secret sale or an exclusive offer, using SMS to reach customers is a great way to engage loyalty and develop further sales. According to Forbes, 90 per cent of mobile users will check their texts within three minutes of receiving it.

  3. Customer Service via SMS

    It’s no secret that customer experience is a crucial tool to create a great brand. Without customers, there’s no brand. However, when things go wrong, sometimes it can be a struggle for customers to trawl through endless pages of FAQs and content to find the answer to their question. That’s where SMS CS comes in. Using SMS, shoppers can make an inquiry from their phone, which the customer service representative can answer using the company’s preferred platform. Not only does this create an easy way for shoppers to find the answer to their enquiries, but it also builds a friendly rapport between the customer and the retailer. It’s almost as if they have a friend that they’re talking to. In the digital age, shoppers see brands like friends – this helps solidify that point of view.

  4. Mobile Surveys

    Companies should find it useful to send out a survey every now and then to see how they can improve. Constant bettering of oneself is the fundamental way to maximise sales and become stronger as a brand. While email marketing can be effective, SMS is a far better way to reach out to customers. A simple template like ‘How would you rate our service? 1 = Bad, 10 = Fantastic.’ is easy for customers to respond to, and won’t take much time out of their day. If they respond with a poor number, you can reach out for further information. This is a great way to optimise the brand’s performance and start a conversation between the customer and the retailer.

As m-commerce become fully-fledged in retail, your brand mustn’t fall behind the pack. Optimise your mobile site, start conversations and remember – the customer is vital.

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