Four Ways to Grow Online Traffic with Pinterest

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Social media has remained one of the most powerful tools for online marketing, and while Instagram and FB remain some of the golden tools for advertising, some retailers can look over one of the boldest tools: Pinterest. Here is how you can grow your online traffic using Pinterest. 

Pinterest is the visual social media that allows retailers to understand exactly what consumers are looking for. The social media platform has a reputation for its cake recipes, DIY renovations and fashion. However, it has an untapped potential for retailers who know how to use the platform to their advantage.

According to a report by Tailwind, 77 per cent of users have discovered a new brand while browsing on Pinterest. Moreover, 84 per cent have made a purchase because of something they’ve found on the app.

In a study by Buzzsuo, for top B2B content, being shared on Pinterest had more impact on traffic potential than content length or format. However, it’s important to remember that when using Pinterest, don’t think of it in the same realm as other social media platforms. It’s a search and discovery platform, ‘what you have done with great success elsewhere doesn’t directly translate’.

So, how can you capture further traffic to your site using Pinterest?

1. Understand Trends via GA

To start with, begin tracking the traffic from Pinterest to your site via GA (Google Analytics). To do this, navigate to Acquisition > Social >Network Referrals and look for Pinterest. Click on Pinterest to see the pages people are visiting from the platform.

This is a great way to track the seasonal trends, slow down in traffic and what Pinners are interested in. “When the weather starts to warm up, you will likely see a drop in Pinterest activity as people start getting out and doing all the things they’ve been Planning on Pinterest. When holiday shopping picks up, all that traffic come back,” explains a spokesperson for Tailwind.

2. Thinking Like a Pinner

Much like any other platform, there are certain nuances that define what makes a real Pinterest user. Before you begin using the platform as part of your business strategy, it’s imperative to give it a test run first. Scroll through the app, pin things to a board and understand how the features operate.

“Choose one topic that really excites you and start saving that content to a Board. As you do so, notice what you choose to Pin, how you organise it, and what makes you click to visit a website,” explained Tailwind. Once you get the nack of the platform, you can understand how the Pinner’s mind works, what content works best and how to get the most out of the content you produce.

3. Use Your Words

Sure, a picture is worth 1000 words, but in the world of retail, those words hold as much value as the image itself. Just like other PPC platforms and sites, using keywords is a vital step in reaching your audience. Pinterest is a visual search tool but still requires some text to determine the distribution of the pin. When placing keywords, be sure to add them to:

  • Board Titles
  • Board Descriptions
  • Pin Descriptions
  • Meta Data on the linked content

It’s not just keywords that can cause an uplift in traffic. Using text as an overlay to the image on the Pin can have a huge boost in conversion and awareness. Retailers can see up to 11x awareness lift when aligning content with the seasons and Sales Events (i.e. Christmas, Click Frenzy, etc.). Moreover, pins that use text as an overlay on the image can experience an email conversion lift of 61 per cent.

4. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Just as the app suggests, Pinterest is a visual platform, which is why it’s so necessary for retailers to utilise the content to the best of their ability. Tailwind finds that there is a 13 per cent higher online sales lift for those who align the pin and landing page with similar imagery. If you sell a product, offline sales may lift up to 67 per cent when the audience can visualise the product or service in their lives. What does this mean? Upload content of someone using the product to maximise the interest from consumers.

Pinterest is a silent but deadly platform – it is unveiling new ways for retailers to capture its audience and new consumers with ist Shop the Look capabilities and other innovations. If your brand pulls heavy focus on social but hasn’t touched Pinterest, this could be the best opportunity to get started.

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