Four Ways to Grow Your Mailing List Through Social Media

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Growing a mailing list and leveraging social media are both vital elements of strategy, but how can retailers turn social media followers into email subscribers?

The power of email and social is jaw-dropping. Both channels are extremely effective with their direct and wide-reaching capabilities, making it easy for companies to connect with customers. In today’s digital era, social media has become an inevitable part of the marketing landscape. According to the We are Social 2018 digital report, Australia has some of the highest penetration numbers globally in terms of social media engagement, with 88 percent of internet usage, 69 percent active social media users and 78 percent of mobile penetration.

With the increasing number of social media networks, it is key for businesses to leverage them to their maximum potential and establish a constant customer engagement plan. From user-generated input to content sharing, social platforms help brands define who they are and how they act. While automating social media marketing campaigns is mandatory for businesses to reach their target audience, integration between social media marketing platforms and marketing automation is equally important.

Here are four key actions that businesses can use to turn social media followers into email subscribers:

  1. Promote email sign ups in social environments

Social media is a key channel when it comes to marketing campaigns and brand building, as it allows brands to connect with customers on a global scale. Make sure your pages or profiles on social media platforms are up to date and linked to different revenue-generating channels such as email.

One effective way to encourage people to subscribe is offering a simple sign-up on your Facebook/Instagram page with a birthday voucher or a sale/event promotion. This will help businesses drive enrolments into welcome programs and newsletter series, resulting in new subscribers becoming loyal customers.

2. Request followers to opt-in as part of a social campaign

Devising social media campaigns such as competitions, contests and prize draws are proven to generate brand awareness and effectively reach the desired audience. Integrating newsletter subscription as a condition for the followers to enter a competition would encourage them to share email addresses.

Fast-tracking existing subscribers in a competition could also inspire one-upmanship; giving email subscribers an upper edge over non-subscriber entrants would incentivise the latter to sign up. However, it is important for businesses to have transparency during the customer sign-up process; outlining T&Cs while urging social followers to opt in, making it clear what they are signing up to, will be key to building customer trust.

3. Exchange exclusive content for email addresses

Content is a significant factor in brand engagement and, at present, social followers demand more relevant and exclusive content. By tapping into this trend, businesses can create premium material and gate keep each piece of it with a sign-up form landing page.

To ensure that followers find content valuable and are willing to give away their email address in exchange, it’s important to make it enticing. For instance, product-related tips and tricks, how-to guides, audiobooks, podcasts or videos and infographics are some of the creative ways of promoting content. Restricting your content for an exchange of email address is a win-win, as followers engage with your piece and convert into email subscribers.

4. Leverage social tools and ads

Advertisements have been part of social media and are only becoming more popular. Combining both organic and paid media is a great way to build brand image and attract customers. Showing people what they are missing out on by not subscribing is another trick that can encourage them to sign up. Sharing snippets of past newsletters gives your followers an idea of all the useful news, information and specials that would incentivise them to subscribe.

If marketers wish to leverage the full value of email and social, they need to make a concerted effort to tether them together to maximise engagement and conversion. While posting and sharing on social media are compelling methods to increase sign-ups, a more direct and persuasive way of growing your email database is through hyper-targeted messaging.Investing in two-way communications with your target audience is one of the most effective techniques to win customer attention and convey your brand message at the same time.

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