frank green Brings Back Viral Lucky Bags – With a Twist

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frank green’s founder and CEO Benjamin Young tells us how this promo took the world by storm, and how they plan to reignite the hype in 2024.

Australian reusable cups and bottles brand frank green is bringing back the highly coveted Lucky Bags that reached global fame last year.

We spoke to founder and CEO Benjamin Young to find out more about the promotion that took the world by storm.

It’s an understatement to say the Lucky Bags went viral last year. With over 40 million views of the #frankgreenluckybag tag on TikTok, the bags became a sell out hit as people posted their unboxing reveals and hauls. 

frank green’s Lucky Bags are available for a set price and include a unique array of products that are a surprise to the shopper until they receive their package.

“Everything starts and ends with the consumer,” frank green founder and CEO Benjamin Young told Power Retail. ‘We’ve tapped into the very important element of surprise and the reward of the luck of the draw that creates an incredible excitement among our community.”

“Consumers enjoy the surprise of getting something they didn’t know they were getting. I also think that sharing that experience with their community and social networks is what makes Lucky bag irresistible.”

This year, there are two specially curated Lucky Bags available for purchase at $119.95 (minimum value $200) and $89.95 (minimum value $150), with limited availability.

“Lucky Bag has been so successful because we don’t use it to clear stock,” emphasised Young. “It is giving customers a feeling of surprise and delight of our full range of products. This year, some products that are yet to launch are making their way into the Lucky Bag so it gives us the chance to get customer insights.”

While the promotion is a great way to build hype around the brand, its also an opportunity to gather consumer insights into what product designs work – and don’t work. In 2022, the promotion garnered hype among Aussie consumers and even produced a meme around a less than desirable leopard print water bottle dubbed ‘unaesthetic’ as it flooded resale platforms after appearing in some un-Lucky Bags. 

frank green is adding a twist this year that no-one will be upset about finding in their bag. The brand is giving back to their community for the promotion’s third year by including a $50,000 cash prize for one of the Lucky Bag recipients.

“We wanted to do something fun and hero our consumer and we think we’ve nailed that this year,” continued Young. “We pride ourselves on making sure we reward our customers by giving them  something they want to get behind and we’re always listening to their feedback.”

“We wanted to take Lucky Bag to the next level, and create hype around it, particularly given it’s the third time we will run the campaign. We think that the $50K cash prize will be truly life changing for one of our consumers.

“With everything we do we aim to tick all the boxes of what will appeal to our consumer.  Our research into promotions revealed that people want the risk and reward of a single winner in a competition; it’s a tried and tested formula.”

frank green isn’t a person, it’s a philosophy. The brand outlines its mission to stop single-use plastic by creating unique reusable products that consumers want to show off and re-use. CEO and Founder Benjamin Young hopes that with so many eyes on the brand, the promotion can help more consumers get on board with the mission.

“Lucky Bag is in itself a sustainable initiative,” Young told Power Retail. “It creates a platform for consumers to start or continue their reusable journey and ditch single use plastics.”

The promotion kicks off this week and will remain available until May 29, or while stocks last. 

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