Freedom Furniture’s Plan for Closing the Offline-Online Divide

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Speaking to Power Retail, the National Sales and Operations Manager for the Greenlit Brands Group, Donald Furber reveals how Freedom Furniture is promoting cross-channel shopping experiences.

Freedom Furniture has joined the ranks of Sephora, Dymocks and RedBalloon as it partners with Cashback World to offer its customers cash back by shopping across both digital and physical channels.

As part of the initiative, consumers can reportedly purchase eVouchers through the Cashback app, which can be redeemed online or in-store. By purchasing the vouchers, shoppers will get cash back on each of their purchases as well as shopping points that can be redeemed for offers and discounts on other products and services.

“In an increasingly complex retail environment, it can be difficult for retailers to remain competitive. By offering our eVouchers, they can sophisticate their retail offering and drive loyalty with the modern shopper,” said Vanessa Ferrao, the head of e-commerce Asia Pacific at Cashback World.

Freedom Furniture is one of a number of retailers participating in the program, giving its customers access to five percent cash back on purchases, which will be paid automatically into the users’ account on the Cashback app.

“As a leading national retailing group in the furniture and household goods marketplace, we are always wanting to be associated with new and innovative opportunities for our brands,” Furber tells Power Retail.

According to Furber, Freedom Furniture attracts its customers from diverse demographics, with shoppers interacting with the brand across its digital and physical touchpoints. When asked how well he thinks the retailer’s customers will adopt the new eVoucher offering, Furber said he is confident but can’t confirm any exact figures surrounding Freedom Furniture’s expectations.

“Our Group is looking forward to offering our customers another vehicle to access our brands while allowing them an additional choice on how they shop with us,” he said.

“There is little doubt that this opportunity will add value to a component of our customer base, but it is not possible to place a number or percentage on the take-up.”

This initiative comes less than a month after the business partnered with a new content agency to help drive its digital and social content. When announcing Freedom’s newly formed relationship with Edge, the furniture retailer’s General Manager of Marketing, Jason Piggott said the brand is excited to see how content will help drive its digital platform moving forward.

“Edge has a deep knowledge of retail along with proven smarts in content strategy. We’re looking forward to rolling out our content campaign with the team at Edge,” he said.

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