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Club Catch is now available for Kmart and Target shoppers and Woolies is unveiling its first micro supermarket in Sydney. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce and retail.

Woolworths Plans Metro Go Store in Sydney

Woolworths has a ‘secret project’, according to – a one aisle supermarket which aims to ‘push the boundaries of convenience’. The store Woolworths MetroGo opens in Sydney next week, and will feature a single aisle and stocks only 655 products. The average Woolies store stocks 7,500.

Kathmandu Named New CEO

Kathmandu has named Reuben Casey as the new head of the outdoor retailer. This comes just after the outdoor retailer acquired Rip Curl. Xavier Simonet will remain as Chief Executive of Rip Curl. “Reuben has been a key contributor to the success of Kathmandu over the last few years. I congratulate him on his promotion and I wish him all the very best success as chief executive officer of Kathmandu,” explained Mr Simonet.

Club Catch Expands to Kmart and Target

Club Catch is now available for Target and Kmart shoppers. This comes a few months after the $225 million acquisition of Catch Group by Wesfarmers. This new offering allows Club Catch members to get free shipping from the three online retailers. “We have been listening closely to our customers and we can see across all of our businesses that the way they want to shop is evolving. More and more of our customers are shopping online and they are looking for a better and more seamless shopping experience whenever and wherever they shop with us,” explained Ian Bailey, the Managing Director of Kmart.

“We’re going to look at ways to make shopping easier for our customers across all three businesses and that will start with this subscription offer in time for this Christmas. Almost everything you need this Christmas is available across the Kmart Group and you’ll now be able to get it delivered free with a Club Catch membership.”

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