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Chemist Warehouse is opening its first brick-and-mortar store in China and Kogan receives a Shonkys Award for its customer service. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce and retail.

Kogan Receives Shonkys Award

Kogan has received a CHOICE Shonkys Award for its refund and repair services. The retailer prides itself as a ‘customer service leader’, but the CHOICE Award claims that this ‘flies in the face’ of the actual service received. According to the NSW Fair Trading complaint register, Kogan clocked 300 complaints from January to July this year. “Since our initial investigation, Kogan has cleaned up its terms and conditions a bit. But they’re still ambiguous, and still contain terms that contradict those of the ACL,” said the CHOICE Shonkys Award.

” … earlier this year, we weren’t doing well enough in resolving certain types of complaints. This was reflected in the number of complaints made to certain bodies,” explained a Kogan spokesperson to “Since then, major action has been taken to improve complaint resolution, and the results of this effort are shown by a 92.2 per cent decrease in complaints since the post-Christmas peak earlier this year.”

Other retailers that received Shonkys Awards included IKEA for its Nedkyld fridge, which failed to keep food cold and failed to test for star energy rating.

Country Road Starts Offering Rentals

Country Road is now trialling fashion rentals. The fashion retailer will be partnering with GlamCorner, and is an ‘obvious step’ for the brand, said Elle Roseby, Managing Director of Country Road. “Our customer is changing how they engage with fashion,” Ms Roseby said in a statement. Subscribers to the rental service can pay $99 per month and receive three items, or $149 a month for unlimited boxes. “GlamCorner’s subscription model creates an opportunity to experiment with different styles and looks in a really easy way. It’s very important that we give customers the opportunity to access our brand on their terms and that’s why this partnership with GlamCorner is so significant.”

Chemist Warehouse to Open Store in China

Chemist Warehouse is opening its brick and mortar store in China along with it partnership with Tmall online. “Store setup and merchandising of the store [will be] very similar,” explained Nancy Jian, the COO of Chemist Warehouse. “[The] difference will only be currency and pricing structure; some product range and brands we keep in this store will be different as we started global sourcing this year – sourcing more cross-border brands globally that are more suitable for the Chinese consumer.”

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