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Coles is partnering with Sainsbury's to create more private-label goods and courier service, Zoom2U, raises over $4 million in funding. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce and retail.

Coles Partners with Sainsbury’s

Coles has partnered with Sainsbury’s to create more private-label goods. The three-year deal aims to rapidly expand its products within its stores. “We want to accelerate the introduction of innovative products to Coles Own Brand, and this partnership allows us to do that with a range of food and groceries that are already proven in the international market but not yet available in Australia,” explained Greg Davis, Coles’ Chief Executive of Commercial and Express.

The private label products currently account for 30 per cent of its sales. This new venture with the British supermarket aims to increase these sales to 40 per cent. “Great quality food has been at the heart of our business for 150 years and we’re excited to bring Sainsbury’s fantastic products to Australia, offering Coles customers a range of high quality, innovative products that they won’t be able to find anywhere else,” said Michael Luck, Sainsbury’s Director of Business Development.

Zoom2U Raises Over $4M

Zoom2U, an Australian courier platform, has raised $4.2 million to bolster further growth. This comes as the company has hit its one-millionth delivery, and reached more than $7 million in funding. “We’re excited to announce our AUD$4.2 Million funding secured for Zoom2U, which we will use to grow our team. We continuously improve our platform allowing customers to find the perfect courier for their delivery and strengthening our position as a preferred delivery platform. Since launching in 2014, we’ve seen a huge rise in people adopting online shopping in Australia, with a priority for convenience and fitting in with their fast-paced lifestyle. Zoom2U has become a great antidote, helping fix the often unreliable postage process. We are excited to connect more customers with couriers to help deliver more emergency documents, forgotten keys and bespoke Christmas gifts to Australians,” explained Steve Orenstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Zoom2U.

Retailers Welcome SA Boxing Day Bonanza

The National Retail Association (NRA) have ‘lauded’ the decision for the South Australian government’s approval of Boxing Day trade, with hopes to increase sales for SMEs in local areas. “The NRA commends the South Australian Government on this announcement and we have no doubt it will repeat last year’s successful initiative and provide a Boxing Day sales bonanza to participating retailers,” said David Stout, NRA’s Manager of Industry Policies. “Being allowed to open for trade on a holiday such as Boxing Day is essential in modern retail and reflects the overwhelming demand of Adelaide consumers. The announcement is based on the simple premise of giving businesses the opportunity to trade if they wish and providing shoppers with the choice of shopping at their local suburban outlet.”

In addition to the Boxing Day approval, stores will also be able to keep their doors open until midnight on November 28th for Black Friday. “Black Friday is a phenomenon in the United States and we’re delighted that Adelaide retailers will be permitted to open their doors until midnight on November 29,” explained Mr Stout. “It will enable consumers to get a head start on their Christmas shopping, while also providing a giant cash injection to local retailers.”

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