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Kogan gets into hot water with NZ telecommunications company and Yahoo Japan acquires Zozo for further market saturation. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce and retail.

Yahoo Japan Signs Deal with Zozo

Yahoo Japan has acquired fashion e-commerce brand, Zozo. This acquisition aims to ‘breathe new life’ into the e-commerce platform, with hopes to take it out of the shadows from the likes of Amazon. Yahoo Japan, once the largest ‘trailblazer’ as an e-retailer, now sits as the third-largest in the country. “Yahoo is focused on advertising, but we want to make e-commerce into a second pillar,” said Kentaro Kawabe, CEO of the SoftBank Group. “In fact, we want to make e-commerce our [main growth] driver.”

This acquisition also aims to drive Yahoo Japan the number one e-tailer in Japan – a goal they plan to hit by the end of 2020. At this current time, Yahoo accounts for 60 per cent male audience, whereas Zozo drives a prominently female database (70 per cent). “If we can, we want to share customer data throughout the group and turn it into benefits for users,” said Mr Kawabe.

Shopify to Acquire 6 River Systems

Shopify is planning to acquire 6 River Systems, a warehouse robotics firm. The joint partnership aims to drive Shopify’s own management system to further success. “In June, Shopify introduced the Shopify Fulfillment Network, a powerful and trusted fulfilment network that will ensure timely deliveries, lower shipping costs, and provide superb customer experience for merchants and their customers. This acquisition is a critical step to accelerate its growth, while 6 River Systems will also continue to build and sell their solution for warehouses,” said the statement by Shopify.

“Shopify is taking on fulfilment the same way we’ve approached other commerce challenges, by bringing together the best technology to help everyone compete,” said Tobi Lütke, CEO of Shopify. “With 6 River Systems, we will bring technology and operational efficiencies to companies of all sizes around the world.”

“By joining Shopify, we’re changing the game of fulfilment. Together, we will help thousands of businesses improve their fulfilment operations, with an easy-to-learn solution that can more than double productivity and improve accuracy,” said Jerome Dubois, co-CEO and Co-Founder of 6 River Systems.

Kogan in Hot Water with NZ Telecommunications Company

Kogan has received a legal letter from NZ telecommunications company, Skinny, after the Aussie marketplace used the same shade of orange in its marketing campaigns. The letter alleges that the same shade of orange and white in the colour scheme used breaches ‘country’s fair trading rules’. Ruslan Kogan, the Founder and CEO of Kogan, released a letter via Twitter in response to the NZ’s legal document.

“It seems clear that the Kogan NZ website reflects a deliberate design choice to adopt the brand attributes which consumers associate with Skinny in New Zealand,” he explained. “You say you’ve been using the same orange and white writing for five years. Really? C’mon, mix it up a bit. Live a little.” You can find the full document here:

Kogan Mobile has since changed the colour scheme of its website to a shade of hot pink and white. “The look and feel of this was extremely similar to Skinny’s own marketing materials and to our knowledge Kogan do not use this orange colour in Australia in the same prominent way,” Skinny said in an emailed statement. “Kogan has since changed the colour so, from Skinny’s perspective, the matter is sorted at this point.”

Mondelez Launches First Voice-Activated Campaign

Mondelez is launching a ‘Mystery Oreo’ campaign, that uses voice activation for the first time. The goal of the campaign is for users who have an Amazon Alexa to guess the flavour of the cookie. The customers can also ask their home automation devices for clues regarding the flavour, as well as ask questions like ‘Alexa, what’s new with Oreo?’ to find out the latest flavours, news an everything in between.

“It’s about elevating Oreo from being about a cookie that you play with to a brand that you engage with, one that’s interesting and playful in itself,” said a Mondelez spokesperson in February 2019. “We absolutely believe that cultural resonance is more important than ever before and is the centre point around our marketing strategy plans on Oreo.”

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