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Bunnings is introducing a new online marketplace and the UK's high street sales drop by ten per cent. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce and retail.

Bunnings Introduces Online Marketplace

Bunnings has double-downed on its online offering by introducing its first online marketplace. The online store, named Marketlink, will house more than 8,000 products that aren’t available for purchase in-store. “We’ve had a very positive response from sellers and we already have more than 8000 products ready for launch on Marketlink in November,” said Mike Schnieder, the Managing Director of Bunnings. “Marketlink will feature a wide variety of products, including well-known brands, that are not currently available in Bunnings stores.” You can find the full story here.

MYER Opens Harry Potter Store in Melbourne

Myer is opening a Harry Potter-themed store in its flagship Melbourne store. The 500 sqm basement of its Bourke St store will be transformed with HP-themed merchandise, complete with a Platform 3/4. The products include gifts, stationery, apparel and other J.K. Rowling-inspired gear. “Our store basement at Myer Melbourne has been transformed into the ultimate Harry Potter shop, with 500 sqm of Harry Potter toys, gifts, stationery, costumes, homewares & apparel,” said the department store’s Facebook Event page. The store opens on Friday, October 18th at 12pm.

UK High Street Shoppers Drop by Ten Per Cent

In the last seven years, shoppers along the UK’s High streets have dropped ten per cent, reports say. Some of the reasoning behind this drop includes the constant worry of Brexit and heavy rainfalls. “Retailers are facing a sustained drop in footfall, with numbers of visitors down over ten per cent in the last seven years alone. With Brexit looming, many consumers are holding off from all but essential purchases,” explained Helen Dickinson, the Chief Executive of BRC. “The ongoing transformation of the retail industry is putting increasing pressure on retailers, which is now compounded by the spectre of a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.”

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