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Jurlique partners with Adyen and Cotton On stops sourcing its cotton from Xianjing. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce and retail.

Cotton On and Target Australia Stop Sourcing from Xianjing

Cotton On and Target Australia have announced that they will no longer source cotton from Chinese province, Xianjing. This comes after an investigation by Four Corners of the treatment of its workers. Allegation claim that the province has rounded up Uyghur Muslim people and ‘forced’ them to work in textile factories. Cotton On made a statement that it is no longer associated with LLitai Textiles, one of the companies in Xianjing and said the company is ‘absolutely committed to having an ethical supply chain’.

Walmart Introduces In-Home Grocery Delivery

Walmart has introduced the InHome delivery service after two years of testing. The service, currently available in three states across the U.S., allows customers to sign up and have their groceries delivered either to their fridge or garage. “With InHome Delivery, we’re putting more well-deserved time in the hands of our customers,” said Bart Stein, Senior Vice President of Walmart. “ake Laura, a [mum] of three in Kansas City with a full-time job as a graphic designer. Laura loves baking banana bread with her kids but doesn’t have enough time to shop for the ingredients after work and get it out of the oven before bedtime. Now, with InHome Delivery, Laura can order all the ingredients she needs and have them delivered directly into her fridge while she’s at work—no more late-night trips to the store or taking time out of Sunday afternoons with her family.”

Jurlique Announces Partnership with Adyen

Jurlique has announced its partnership with Adyen to bolster international growth. This joint venture means that Jurlique has migrated all of its online payments to the acclaimed Adyen platform, offering ‘newfound consistency’ and access to richer data insights for the brand. “Adyen’s payments solution will allow Jurlique to create a consistent online customer payment experience across one platform for the business globally, while providing us with access to richer data insights to enhance our customers’ e-commerce retail experiences,” explained Alexa Anastassi, Global Digital Product Manager at Jurlique International. “This meant we had disparate data floating around that wasn’t useful to the business. By consolidating everything into one platform, we’re able to map out our customers’ preferred payment methods and tie this data back to their shopping behaviour.”

“Our previous commerce platform was highly manual and siloed which made it more difficult to tap into growth opportunities and deliver more tailored customer engagements. Recognising this, we set out on a journey to overhaul and centralise our approach to customer data, CRM, payments strategies and platforms.” This collaboration now means that the payment platforms allow Alipay, China Union Pay and WeChat Pay arrangements. “We know you get greater customer retention and loyalty and an increase in average order value by giving customers the payment option that they’re most comfortable with. Offering popular international payment methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay across all e-commerce stores lets our customers know we’re putting them and their payment preferences front and centre. The Adyen platform lets us achieve this faster.”

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