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Kogan and Citi pair up with new BNPL platform and Aus Post releases a streamlined way to hire your next employee. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in E-commerce.

Aussies Spend Nearly $20 Billion on Gifts

New research by the FPA (Financial Planning Association) shows that Aussies spend nearly $20 billion on gifts every year. According to the study, 73 per cent of the $19.8 billion is unplanned gift-giving, which has prompted the FPA to urge shoppers to ‘Plan to give well’. “There’s literally billions of dollars of household spend that is simply not budgeted for by
nearly three in four Australians (73 per cent) across genders, generations and geographies. That’s an obvious opportunity to increase our nation’s financial literacy and awareness of the
benefits of budgeting, financial planning, and giving in a way that brings joy without debt or
regret,” said Dante De Gori CFP, FPA CEO.

Australia Post Launches New Employment Screening Service

Australia Post is making it easier for employers to scan and verify potential employees. Using the new platform ‘Workforce Verification’, employers can streamline the process of identifying and checking potential candidates. “Already a trusted leader in identity services and employment screening, and one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Australia Post’s new solution will verify employees faster and more efficiently through an easy to use low touch platform,” explained Christian Seely, Australia Post’s Head of Product – Identity Services.

Citi Partners with Kogan for New BNPL Platform

Citi Australia has introduced its first BNPL (Buy Not Pay Later) service in conjunction with Kogan, along with a new points plan to get it rolling. As part of the introduction of Citi’s new BNPL platform, it has partnered with Kogan to offer a payment instalment service for Citi customers. Those who make a purchase with Kogan and are Citi customers, are eligible to ‘shop with points’ via the Kogan site, ‘meaning that at the touch of a button, Citi customers who have enrolled their eligible rewards credit card with Kogan can use their points to cover all, or part of their purchase’. Read the full story here.

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