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BigCommerce releases a new API tool and Marie Kondo launches an e-commerce platform. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce and retail.

Instagram Launches Shoppable Christmas Collection

Instagram is launching a shoppable ‘nostalgia’ themed Christmas collection using the Checkout functionality. Instagram combined its users’ nostalgic trends with its shopping capabilities to create curated collections of products. “We’ve curated collections of products inspired by some of this year’s top trends on Instagram. Whether you’re a #NewParent or need a holiday #PartyLewk, we’ve got a collection for you. Every product is shoppable on Instagram, and you can purchase using checkout without leaving the app. You can also save products to a personal shopping collection while browsing for friends and family, or create your own wishlist,” the site said in a statement.

Marie Kondo Launches E-Commerce Platform

Netflix superstar, Marie Kondo, who is famous for her Netflix series ‘Tidying Up with Maire Kondo’, has launched a new online store. In the show, she suggests people throw away items in their home that does not ‘spark joy’.”The online store features 125 home and fashion items that ‘spark joy’ for her. What’s most important to me is that you surround yourself with items that spark joy,” she said. “If the bowl that you’re using currently sparks joy for you, I don’t encourage replacing it at all.”

BigCommerce Announces Purpose-Built API

BigCommerce is launching a purpose-built API, which aims to create faster, personalised customer shopping experiences that differentiate brands from competitors. “By releasing the new Storefront API in GraphQL, BigCommerce is taking a critical next step in evolving into the most open, customisable, developer-friendly SaaS e-commerce platform where brands can push their creative boundaries and connect with customers in new, meaningful ways,” said Jimmy Duvall, Chief Product Officer at BigCommerce. “The success of our merchants is directly tied to how well we enable developers to build on top of BigCommerce and give them a secure and stable foundation from which they can create the next generation of commerce experiences.”

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