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Macy's is testing out same-day delivery and another TK Maxx store is opening in Brisbane. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce and retail.

Jeff Bezos Pledges to Meet the Paris Climate Act Early

Amazon’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, has created a new organisation, Climate Pledge, which aims to meet the Paris climate agreement one decade earlier than expected. “We have been in the middle of the pack on this issue,” said Bezos in Washington. “We want to move to the forefront. We want to be leaders.” The global climate strike that happened worldwide saw 1,500 staff members walk out of the warehouses on Friday. “The global strike tomorrow is totally understandable,” Mr Bezos explained. “People are passionate about this issue. By the way, they should be passionate about this issue.”

TK Maxx Opens in Brisbane

The affordable American store, TK Maxx (a subsidiary of TJ Maxx), is opening a new store in Brisbane. Opening at the Hyperdrome on October 17th, the discount store will offer women’s, men’s children’s apparel, as well as luggage, cosmetics and home decor. This is the twelfth store in the Queensland city and the 21st store in the state. “This quarter marks the 20th straight quarter of customer traffic increases at TJX and Marmaxx. This speaks to the consistency and fundamental strength of our treasure-hunt shopping experience through many types of retail and economic environments,” said TJX CEO, Ernie Herrman. There are currently more than 1,000 stores in operation throughout the United States, 515 throughout Europe and 35 in Australia.

Head of Australian Fashion Council Steps Down

After only four years, David Giles-Kaye is stepping down from his role as the Head of the Australian Fashion Council (AFC). “It has been a privilege to serve as CEO over this period and to oversee the growth of the AFC and its service of Australia’s broad fashion industry,” Mr Giles-Kaye said in a statement. “We are currently in an exciting growth period for the industry with a strong focus on design and quality and the engagement with ethical and sustainable practice steering the industry onto the world stage.”

“I have the strong belief that an industry grows together, with collaboration the key. I have put ‘community’ at the core of all our activities and programs, we learn from each other, and all have something meaningful to contribute. The AFC is in great hands heading into 2020 with our amazing team and board of directors continuing on, and a new CEO to be announced soon. My decision to leave was only possible knowing that there would be such a strong team in place to continue the great work of the organisation and I look forward to remaining a close part of the AFC family into the future,” he said. The new CEO is soon to be announced.

Macy’s Tests Same-Day Delivery Program

Macy’s is rolling out a same-day delivery program, starting October 1st. This offer will only be available for a limited time, and shoppers will be eligible to receive free same-day postage if they order prior to midday from Monday until Saturday. The offer also stands if they order before 10 am on Sunday.”Macy’s the first department store to offer the program without requiring a membership fee,” a spokesperson told Retail Dive.

“Over the last two years, we have made significant investments in new technology in our stores and on our website that have given us the ability to better serve our customer’s needs wherever, whenever and however they want to shop with us,” explained Jill Ramsey, Macy’s Chief Product and Revenue Officer. This service will be available for use in 30 U.S. states, some of which include Atlanta – Georgia, Kansas City – Arkansas, Housten – Texas, Chicago – Illinois, San Fransisco – California, and many others.

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