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MyDeal launches a Shopify-integrated merchant app and Uniqlo releases a new magazine for its customers. Get a healthy dose of news as we uncover the day’s top stories in e-commerce.

Uniqlo Launches Retail Magazine

Japanese apparel retailer, Uniqlo, has launched a magazine in a new way to appeal to consumers. Printed in English and Japanese, the magazine features 120 pages and will be available for customers to grab for free in-store. “By consuming this type of content while experiencing the actual product first-hand in store,” explained Uniqlo’s U.S. Head of Marketing, Suzanne Seymour. “We provide the customer with something multisensorial that crystallises the quality and craftsmanship of our apparel in an immersive way.” Inside the publication includes a cover story, features and a series of the latest trends form the retailer. Rather than being a ‘commercial asset’, Ms Seymour noted that it instead “features stories, personalities and places that reflect how LifeWear seamlessly blends within the fabric of people’s daily lives.”

MyDeal Unveils Shopify-Integrated App

Australian online marketplace, MyDeal, is launching ‘MyDeal Sales Channel’, an app integrated with Shopify that allows merchants to upload new products to the marketplace easily. “The app release for Shopify reinforces our commitment to offering marketplace technology that will provide merchants with a fast and efficient way to sell to Australian customers. The opportunity to work with Shopify’s merchants will enable us to expand our product and
brand offering exponentially and offer our customer base more choice than ever before from both local and global brands,” explained MyDeal’s CEO, Sean Senvirtne.

“We’re excited to work with MyDeal to offer Australian merchants with a new way to connect with their consumers through a local
marketplace. With a significant number of merchants in the APAC region, we’re investing heavily in partnering with best-in-class technology
solutions in-market that will help our merchants make more sales and reach more customers around the world,” said Shopify’s head of APAC, Shaun Broughton. Merchants will have access to the Shopify app from Wednesday, 28th August.

Ulric Jerome Steps Down from

Mathesfashion’s CEO, Ulric Jerome, is stepping down from his role. Mr Jerome joined the company as COO in 2013, and has been in the role of CEO since 2015. “Ulric has been instrumental in building the company into the global, digital and inspiring organisation that it is today,” explained Gabriele Cipparrone, Matches’ Group Board member. Mr Jerome introduced a ‘mobile-first’ approach for the London-based fashion retailer. He was also instrumental in 90-minute delivery across London and brought the business to Hong Kong. Mr Jerome’s replacement will be announced ‘in due course’.

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