Glossier is Closing Its Stores, Further Pushing Online Offering

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The online boom is continuing to affect the retail industry, with beauty innovator Glossier closing its stores to expand its online offering.

Innovative beauty brand, Glossier, is closing its stores across the States for the rest of the year, laying off its staff in the process. This comes as the pandemic sends shockwaves through the industry, forcing the closure of physical stores and ramping up an online offering.

Glossier, which became famous for its innovative in-store experience, will close its three stores for the rest of the year, and ‘possibly for the duration of the pandemic’, said the CEO, Emily Weiss.

“Since we closed our stores in March, we’ve strived to make the ‘right next decision’ with a people-first lens, given all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic,” Weiss explained. “In recent months, it’s become clear that we will be living with the health and safety risks of COVID-19 for the remainder of 2020 and likely beyond.”

Glossier is well-known for its blend of digital and physical experiences. “As a digital-first company, we have always viewed our offline experiences as a channel for connection and community, and that mandate has not changed,” said Weiss.

The retailer’s ‘vast majority’ of sales has been online, the company explained. While the retailer said that this doesn’t ‘diminish’ the role of retail, it actually ‘elevates’ it.

“As shopping for beauty online becomes the norm—and this period is certainly accelerating that trend—retail gets to be about so much more than just procurement: it’s about human connection. We’ve always been building for this world, and this moment only deepens our resolve,” Weiss explained.

Glossier quickly transformed from a blog to ‘one of the most disruptive brands in beauty’. The digital-based retailer receives the majority of its sales from its e-commerce platform. As the three flagship stores remain closed for the foreseeable future, the focus will remain on its online offering.

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Glossier flagship stores have pioneered innovative in-store experiences

“In this moment, we only have one option: to continue to adapt, to reevaluate as the ground shifts under our feet, and to make the right next decision through the lens of our mission, our values, and our people, while ensuring Glossier is here for our customers for decades to come,” Weiss concluded.

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