Go Wild! Four Ways to Gear Up for Click Frenzy 2019

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It's one of the biggest sales in Australian online retail - Click Frenzy. With only 24 hours before the massive sales event begins, there are a few ways a retailer can maximise its sales before and after the event of the year takes place. 

Click Frenzy is a 29-hour sale that runs throughout e-commerce sites in Australia. Since its inception in 2012, the sales event has helped bolster further sales growth for many retailers. Earlier this year, Click Frenzy Mayhem experienced a rise in visitor numbers to 1.1 million, which is an increase of 46 per cent – this is huge for online retailers, big and small. Of course, there are always new ways for retailers to maximise their sales and revenue growth. Katie Kinraid, GM, APAC, at BluJay Solutions suggest the following ways to bolster further sales:

  1. Consider time frame delivery

    “At other times of the year, a fast delivery offering can mean the difference between a sale and cart abandonment, however, speed takes a backseat during Click Frenzy; instead the deal on offer makes or breaks a purchase. Customers are willing to wait, so my advice to retailers is to promise reasonable delivery time-frames,” she suggests.

  2. Put Customer Experience First

    “Customers gain trust in businesses that can handle even the busiest of shopping days. Indeed, supply chain professionals now see customer experience as their key focus driving innovation. Further, according to 2019 BluJay Solutions research, 61 per cent of supply chain and logistics professionals believe customer experience will overtake cost as the top supply-chain differentiator over the next five years. The importance of delivery in customer experience matters more than ever. With smooth logistics, Click Frenzy presents an opportunity to boost not only profits, but also customer satisfaction.”

  3. ‘Optimise Once, Then Optimise Again’

    “While it may be too late to make changes ahead of this Click Frenzy, retailers and supply chain professionals should be constantly reviewing and refining processes and procedures that are not optimal,” Ms Kinraid offers.

  4. Click Frenzy is a Challenge -Embrace It

    “By embracing and overcoming the volume of packages and demonstrating to customers that you can be trustworthy in the most demanding of times, Click Frenzy presents an opportunity for retailers to build a deeper level of customer loyalty.”

Click Frenzy is one of the sales events that can cause an uplift for online retailers – however, it’s imperative that retailers make the process for customers as easy as possible when it comes to receiving their goods.

“With Click Frenzy kicking off in Australia tomorrow and Black Friday soon, Aussie retailers expecting an influx of online sales in the lead up to Christmas must maximise the convenience for shoppers ordering online. They need to make sure that they have an easy and fast returns process. If retailers are selling online and have physical stores, they should enable customers to buy online and return in-store. This has the added benefit of being able to cross-sell or upsell the customer while in-store and if they update their inventory quickly, it means they can resell the return item quicker maximising sales profits,” explained Graham Jackson, CEO, Fluent Commerce.

“During the Click Frenzy and Black Friday sales, retailers with physical stores should also offer the convenience of Click & Collect, as we know that many Australians prefer this option to save on delivery costs. But if retailers are going to promote Click & Collect then they need to plan for the influx of customers coming into their stores to collect their orders and make it a fast and painless experience that boosts brand experience and loyalty. Make sure your stores have a separate well-signed click and collect area, and customers are not waiting in lengthy lines at the service desk, as this destroys trust. Instead of boosting convenience and customer loyalty, a bad Click & Collect experience will do the opposite. If a retailer can’t afford to have extra staff to cope with the busy period, then consider extending store associates shifts by an hour at the beginning or the end and have them prepare click and collect orders so when the shopper enters the store they’re ready to go.”

Click Frenzy’s Go Wild sale takes place on November 12th and will run for 29 hours. Shoppers can browse through thousands of deals and once they’re ready to make a purchase they will be linked through to the relevant retailer to complete their purchases. Find out more about the event here.

DisclosureClick Frenzy Pty Ltd is owned by Global Marketplace, the parent company of Power Retail.

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