Google Begins Disabling Cookie Support

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By Published On: January 9, 20240 Comments

Google has finally begun its rollback of third party cookie support announced back in 2020 following a series of delays.

In 2020, Google announced plans to stop supporting third party cookies on Chrome by mid-to-end of 2023, which aimed to give publishers, advertisers and regulators enough time they needed to adapt to the changes. This was further delayed due to regulators stepping in to ensure the transition was fair to competitors.

As of this year, Google has begun its rollback of cookie support. One percent of users, or around 30 million people had their cookie support disabled according to the Wall Street Journal.

Google will disable the support further over the coming months with plans to remove third party cookie support for all its users by the end of 2024. 

Another reason for the delay, Google’s new “Privacy Sandbox” initiative, offers a W3 alternative to third party cookies and reduces tracking cross-site and cross-app. Anthony Chavez, the VP of Privacy Sandbox stated that following user feedback in mid 2022, the Privacy Sandbox needed more testing before cookies could be completely rolled back. 

“This feedback aligns with our commitment to the CMA to ensure that the Privacy Sandbox provides effective, privacy-preserving technologies and the industry has sufficient time to adopt these new solutions,” stated Chavez. “This deliberate approach to transitioning from third-party cookies ensures that the web can continue to thrive, without relying on cross-site tracking identifiers or covert techniques like fingerprinting.”

Google’s new Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to keep its cookies in house and create a new system for ad customisation. According to Google, Privacy Sandbox will phase out third-party cookies and limit covert tracking. By creating new web standards, it aims to provide publishers with safer alternatives to existing technology, so they can continue building digital businesses while your data stays private.

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