Google Search Down, Marketplace Search Up

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The latest research shows that shoppers are changing how they search for products. Google used to dominate, but is this shifting?

Where shoppers begin their product search is changing.

Research conducted by Power Retail showed that in May 2021, 56% of consumers started their product search on Google. By July, this had dropped to 49%.

In contrast, marketplaces have experienced tremendous growth. In May, 16% of shoppers started their product search via a marketplace. Now? This has increased to 22%. eBay in particular has contributed to this marketplace growth, with 8% increasing to 13% in terms of shoppers who start directly on the eBay platform when looking for a product.

What has remained essentially unchanged is that a massive 25% of shoppers begin their product search directly on a retailer’s website. This is why brand awareness is vital. In a post-pandemic landscape where there are more shoppers online than ever before, retailer websites as the entry point for product search is a huge competitive advantage. Loyalty and retention are key.

Source: Power Retail Switched On Trajectory #23

Obviously, it’s essential to continue to monitor these search trends. How shoppers find products is central to marketing strategy, and if Google Ads are going to be impacted by a shift in consumer behaviour, budget may need to be reallocated.

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