Grays Introduces New Innovations for Victorian Shoppers

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Grays is offering new innovations to support sellers on its site, and maintain a safe way to trade online throughout Victoria and interstate. 

Victorian shoppers, particularly in the city of Melbourne, have been locked out of physical stores for six weeks, as the State of Disaster was announced. As such, online has continued to be the saving grace for shoppers and retailers alike, relying solely on home delivery and click and collect during the restriction period.

Categories such as cars and industrial equipment have been shifted from a pickup format to delivery, with Grays organising the delivery of items for ‘flat, low rates’.

“This is a really tough time for all Victorians, and we want to do whatever we can to help the many local businesses and individuals who use Grays marketplace to sell assets of all kinds,” said Chris Corbin, the CEO of Grays. “Rather than shutting down sales in areas impacted by new lockdown rules, we have moved quickly to a delivery & inspection model to keep sales happening and cash flowing.”

To further these new changes, Grays is offering implemented video call for items such as boats, cars and industrial equipment. These video calls allow the bidder to have a better understanding of the large asset. When a potential bidder is interested in these items, a Grays representative will showcase the products live in a ten-minute video, facilitating a ‘live inspection’.

For Victorian shoppers, Grays is offering free delivery for wine products. The wine category has grown. exponentially for Grays marketplace. Overall, the online marketplace has experienced an uplift in sales due to the e-commerce boom of 2020.

“We’ve seen e-commerce uptake accelerate during COVID-19 as more Australians saw the benefits of online purchase and contact-free shopping,” Corbin explained.

“With increased lockdown restrictions in Melbourne and Victoria, we will continue to innovate to ensure our business model can safely facilitate the sale and purchase of all kinds of items for individuals, homes, commercial and industrial use.”

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