How Adore Beauty’s New Warehouse Platform Delivers 99.9% Accuracy

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Adore Beauty has partnered with Zebra Technologies to implement an innovative solution that aims to modernise its warehouse operations. We sat down with the two companies to discuss growth, overcoming challenges and the importance of a streamlined warehouse operation. 

Due to the exponential growth that Adore Beauty has experienced over the last few years, the online retailer found it ‘critical’ to implement a mobile warehouse solution that enables its supply chain to scale and evolve with its ‘aggressive growth plan’.

“Specifically, we’ve implemented Zebra’s TC8000 Android touch mobile computers to increase warehouse productivity, reduce fulfilment costs, and improve our order accuracy rates. These were introduced to our warehouses just over a year ago and we’re already seeing fantastic results,” explained Charley Fisk, Warehouse Operations Manager, Adore Beauty.

“We’re really excited that Adore Beauty has partnered with us as part of its digital journey. Logistics and supply chains are a critical aspect to any business, and the purpose of this partnership is to ensure that Adore Beauty is equipped with the best warehouse workflows that supports current and future business needs,” Tom Christodoulou, Regional Director of ANZ, Zebra Technologies, said.

In order to bolster further growth, this partnership aims to ‘shift into even higher gear’. In September 2019, a private equity firm, Quadrant Growth Fund, acquired 60 per cent of the online beauty store. Since the acquisition, the retailer has been working to progress even further.

“Our sales have already grown six-fold in four years, but thanks to our new equity partners Quadrant Growth, we plan to shift into even higher gear. We had a very successful launch into the New Zealand market only a few months ago, which exceeded all expectations, so we were glad we already had good systems in place to enable us to scale quickly,” Ms Fisk said. “It’s essential that we continue to meet customer expectations around delivery times, even as we get busier and expand into new markets and new products. Having a robust and effective warehouse management solution means that we can put the customer experience at the heart of everything we do.”

The Immediate Results

When implementing a new warehouse solution, there can easily be immediate results, and Adore Beauty was no exception. Prior to partnering with Zebra Technologies, Adore Beauty operated with a paper-based warehouse solution. However, since implementing Zebra’s solution, the online store achieved a 30 per cent increase in warehouse productivity. Moreover, they have also experienced a 50 per cent reduction in the cost to fulfil customer orders and improved its outbound order accuracy rate to 99.9 per cent.

“Given that we dispatch around thousands of orders daily (from over 13,000 SKUs), these benefits meant that we could fulfil customer orders at a greater speed than ever before,” Ms Fink said. “Our staff have also experienced these benefits first-hand, with them reporting that they are now able to type up to 40 per cent faster with 60 per cent fewer errors due to Zebra’s Enterprise Keyboard.”

Finding a Solution to the Challenges

With all new software, programs and platforms, there are challenges and roadblocks that a retailer has to overcome. Due to the unique geography of Australia, fulfilment is a common challenge that many local businesses encounter. Despite these issues, customers are becoming increasingly eager for their online orders. In a new study from Zebra Technologies’ Fulfilment Vision Study, consumers have high expectations with it comes to delivery – with 67 per cent of them expecting same-day delivery to be the norm by 2023.

“Warehouse fulfilment and customer experience are intrinsically linked, so the businesses that are able to offer a seamless purchase and delivery experience will set themselves apart. When looking to overcome these challenges, retailers should look for a solution that prioritises the employee experience and productivity. Any delays within the warehouse environment are magnified, resulting in a subpar experience for the customer,” Mr Christodoulou explained.

It’s not just delivery that plays a huge role in a customer’s loyalty, it’s also branding and trust. Previous experience with a brand can make or break a customer’s likelihood of coming back for another purchase, and the new partnership with Zebra Technologies aims to remove all doubt. “Today’s customers are often strapped for time and are on the lookout for a purchasing experience that is simple and seamless. An effective warehouse solution plays a pivotal role in that,” Mr Christodoulou said.

“Adore Beauty is a great example of a brand that has done this. Not only are they equipped with a wide range of products aligned with the customer, but they have also committed to managing a logistics ecosystem that are able to elevate the shopping experience beyond the norm. This is crucial as it ensures that they are able to keep abreast with its respective growth.”

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