How Anchor Shops Help Digitally Native Stores Thrive Offline

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Brick-and-mortar stores are constantly at the forefront of the retail battle. As retail makes the shift online, it can leave behind a gap that needs filling. That's where Anchor Shops comes in. Powered by ShopFulfill, Anchor Shops is the first vertically integrated retail storefront' and distribution network designed to 'help digitally native brands thrive offline'. 

Originally conceived to help digitally native brands better compete against legacy retailers, Anchor Shops also offers the opportunity to help bolster growth.

How Does it Work?

Anchor Shops isn’t your traditional brick-and-mortar store, even though it may look like one at first glance. Anchor Shops provides online retailers with a ‘turnkey solution’ that enables them to establish a ‘highly visible brick-and-mortar presence’ and benefit from a low-cost regional distribution network.

Those who are a part of Anchor Shop will have the opportunity to plug-in to the network,  and bring their products ‘closer to the customer’ and deliver them more quickly and efficiently. Moreover, those who are involved with Anchor Shops have the benefit of being ‘grouped with complementary; emerging brands in-store, which is intended to fuel further engagement and drive sales.

Why Go Offline?

“The retail paradigm has shifted to require a brick and click approach. It has been much easier for legacy retailers to build out their online infrastructures, but digitally native brands have found it difficult and cost-prohibitive to develop physical footprints,” said Shlomo Chopp, Founder and CEO of ShopFulfill. “We are offering online-first brands something that is entirely unique and practical – the only all-in-one solution that empowers them to achieve profitability, establish a physical retail presence and build stronger customer connections.”

The Anchor Shops storefronts are currently being planned for New Jersey and Philadelphia. For $600 a month, retailers can own space within the store and resent goods for the public. “Anchor Shops is the logical next step in the evolution of retail,” said Chris Walton, CEO of Omni Talk and Third Haus as well as a leading expert on omnichannel retail and an advisor to Anchor Shops. “It is easy to start a shop online nowadays, but the infrastructure and knowledge it takes to expand a brand’s presence into the physical world is complicated and expensive. Anchor Shops offers the best of the best digital brands a smarter way to enter physical retail for the first time.”

Anchor Shops offers a ‘differentiated value proposition’, which aims to help online brands grow profitably by ‘significantly lowering the costs associated with customer acquisition, leasing and operating stores, shipping product and handling returns’. Furthermore, Anchor Shops offers brands ‘speedy, top-tier store replenishment, e-commerce fulfilment, and BOPIS (buy-online-pick-up-in-store) services’.

For those in Philadelphia, Anchor Shops provides potential foot traffic of 22 million annual commuters and seeks to house over 40 digital-first retailers in a setting that ‘guides consumers’ through a curated journey and allows each brand to ‘support and be supported by the other’.

“As the retail ecosystem continues to evolve, the mall platform is a vital component of successful multichannel retail strategies,” said Joseph Coradino, the Chairman and CEO of PREIT. “Our portfolio, concentrated in densely populated markets, is uniquely positioned to support innovative solutions such as Anchor Shops, allowing emerging and digitally native brands to access our prime physical space as they position them for growth. Shoppers who frequent our properties will be able to engage with new, exciting and emerging brands, making the merchandising mix at properties like Fashion District Philadelphia even more compelling. Solving for logistics and infrastructure challenges positions these brands for sustainable growth within our portfolio.”

“Throughout my 25 years of experience across retail and digital commerce, the fundamental value of connectivity across all touchpoints of the consumer experience has been paramount,” said Ryan Wolfe, Co-Founder and COO of ShopFulfill. “Anchor Shops powered by ShopFulfill uniquely connects turnkey retail with regional logistics to provide a platform for emerging brands to connect with customers, profitably scale and enhance life-time-value.”

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