How Can You Take the Road to CX Success?

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How can you take your business to the next level? We sat down with Phil Leahy, the CEO of Retail Global, to discuss the upcoming free event in Melbourne, The Road to CX Success, and why every retailer should be there.

Please explain what the Road to CX success is.

“The road to CX success free meetup series is focused on bringing the discussion about all aspects of the Customer Experience to retailers. It is an opportunity for the industry to come together to talk about what is working, what is not, what the future holds and to simply answer some of those pain points that retailers are facing.

In this Melbourne event, the road to CX series will focus on Optimising Delivery after they click purchase, which is not just getting the package in their hands but also how the buyer can return the item or if they opt for the click and collect option. Future events, held on the east coast of Australia, will focus on other areas of the customer experience journey all in the lead up to our major event on the Gold Coast, Retail Global 27-29 May 2020 where the entire series will come together in 3 huge days of industry discussion, learning and networking,” Phil Leahy explained.

There has been a long debate about click and collect versus delivery – how will this event help explain the differences and the benefits of both of these for retailers?

“There are pain points for both click and collect and delivery to overcome. For instance, if the assistant instore turns their back on the customer to try a find the item for collection, the average customer rating will drop from a 4.6 to a 3.7 rating, a massive 20% drop in satisfaction. CC requires a fast and smooth experience with the assistant engaging the customer during the process. Direct delivery faces challenges with returns and receiving goods but they both continue to evolve by improving their services by offering shorter pick up windows or increasing communication with the customer through up-to-date SMS contact,” he continued.

A few years ago, it was all about a competitive price and the race to the bottom. Now, it seems that CX is the way to a customer’s heart. How has this changed the way retailers approach consumers?

“In America, retailers who invest in technology to assist CX are winning and charge. According to IHL Group, the #1 priority for US retailers is personalising CX and a close 2nd is empowering store associates. The winners are those that adopt unified commerce and have a single view of inventory and the customer. They also invest heavily in proximity and location-based marketing. As each year rolls on customers with access to disposable income, are increasingly time-poor. They want the retailer to know who they are, and they want it fast and frictionless.”

Why should retailers attend this event?

“It is so important to hear real success stories but more importantly to hear the failures to realise that all retailers face challenges but to learn how they solve them is the way to further your own business, big or small. Honestly, if you are Melbourne based there is no reason why you shouldn’t be there. It’s an opportunity to join your peers over a glass of wine, some healthy debate and knowledge sharing,” said Mr Leahy.

There are three amazing guest speakers (and one secret speaker) who will be providing fantastic insights to CX – what sort of advice will they be offering to the attendees of this event?

“I think that is the beauty of panel discussions, you never quite know what you are going to get. Our speakers speak candidly about their experiences, services that helped them improve and generally about what they are seeing in retail. For myself, I recently returned from the US where I was lucky enough to sit in on a number of sessions focusing on click and collect and the stats around the customer experience so I will provide some insights around this,” Mr Leahy explained.

How will this event change the attitude of retailers for the better?  

“I hope that the retailers continue to think about the customer experience journey across all aspects of their business. This series will offer them the tools and experience to make changes to their business for the better,” he said.

The Road to CX Success takes place on September 3rd in Melbourne, featuring three fantastic speakers: Philip Leahy (Retail Global), Chris Ristovski ( SubTrux) and MC Rachel Tigel (Forever New). There will also be a surprise fourth speaker, so get your free tickets now to secure your spot!

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