How MAISON de SABRÉ is Making its Mark on E-Commerce

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We sat down with Zane and Omar Sabré, the Co-Founders and CEOs of MAISON de SABRÉ to discuss the age of personalisation, and how the brand is hitting the $14m valuation mark in only two years.

Established in 2017 and located on the Gold Coast, MAISON de SABRÉ is one of a kind, and so are its customers. Creating bespoke personalised leather goods, like monogrammed iPhone cases, wallets and card cases, this brand has reached milestone after milestone in a few short years.

Please explain the thought process behind MAISON de SABRÉ – what inspired you to create the brand?

Omar and I had a shared love for bespoke accessories and sought to bring back the art of premium leather goods with an added personal twist. We wanted to create a brand that not only evoked the qualities of time-honoured traditions but to also evoke a lifestyle that held true to our consumer. The personalisation of product that spans our range is an important talking point because it reinforces the company’s core values that revolve around our “Make Your Mark” slogan. We strongly believe in self-identity and expression – seeing our signature pieces as blank canvases for self-expression through monogramming. The brand name, MAISON de SABRÉ means House of Sabré and stems from inherent family values to represent our commitment to translate self-identity into a personalised creative outlet.

You’ve found success quite quickly within starting the brand. Did you have any prior business or e-commerce experience to help you along the way?

We both came from a health care background and really had minimal business training or experience. Omar was a practising dental surgeon and I was studying dentistry when we founded the company. One thing we did have was a lack of limitations to achieving our goals – when we started we had no concept of what was feasible in the e-commerce space and what wasn’t, and this really helped us push boundaries.

As with all businesses, there are plenty of ups and downs to be faced. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced while creating MAISON de SABRÉ, and how did you overcome them?

We had a lot of growing pains as the company started to scale – we had new opportunities thrown at us from every direction and our team grew very quickly. We saw a lot of poor productivity during this period as our focus became watered down and we took swift action to restructure and re-strategise the company.

Personalisation is one of the biggest trending strategies to acquire customers. How does your business take this tactic and apply it for your customers?

Personalisation is at the heart of MAISON de SABRÉ with over 169 different combinations available. Our approach comes down to crafting personalised experiences that allow us to connect to our customers. A personalised monogram is a power statement and it is a representation of identity, self-confidence and symbolises how our customers make their mark on the world. It’s why our slogan is ‘Mark Your Mark’. We focus on a customer-centric approach to ensure that every interaction we have with our customers can receive gold standard treatment. The intention of creating a product that is completely custom and personal will ensure that anyone can resonate and represent their self-identity when purchasing a product from MAISON de SABRÉ.

Within only two years, MAISON de SABRÉ has become an internationally recognised brand. What are some of the biggest differences that you’ve found between the Australian and international markets?

Generally speaking, the Australian market is a little more conservative than global markets. Brand reputation in any market, however, is everything. We’ve found that in North America developing a compelling brand story is very important and in Asian markets, it’s more important to create unique experiences and pieces that are trendsetting.

E-Commerce has become one of the most prevalent ways for customers to shop – have there been any new e-commerce trends that have piqued your interest? How could you apply them into your strategy?

 E-commerce has been integrated since day dot when founding MAISON de SABRÉ. As technological advances are everchanging and growing, consumers are found to love an effortless experience- ranging from shopping, driving and travelling. This change in technology has enabled us to run the company solely online to create a streamlined and painless experience for our customers. Adding to this, being a social-first brand and utilising quality social engagement over multiple social media platforms has seen some of our largest sale conversions. From day one we wasted no time to reach out to influencers and brands. From this, we have been able to work with a variety of influences across Japan, Australia, America, UK and the UAE. This interaction and connection established within international communities has enabled MAISON de SABRÉ to be recognised worldwide.

There have been a few rough times for retailers in the past few months – where do you see the future of retail heading?

E-commerce is the future of all retail and those that implement a thorough online strategy will succeed. In-store retail presents a great opportunity to have a brand presence and to create a branded experience that adds to the overall conversion funnel. There will be an equilibrium reached between online and in-store experiences – something that is done incredibly well in China at present.

If you were to go back in time and give yourself advice, what would it be?

Believe in email marketing and automation. 

If you could see the brand in five year’s time, where do you hope to see MAISON de SABRÉ?

After only two years of operating, MAISON de SABRÉ is hovering over $14m in valuation and has expanded to serve several international markets. Over the next five years, we plan to expand the brand to cover a strategic list of categories and be available in a mixture of retail and pop up and concession locations globally. Our goal of being the largest leather accessories company in the world is getting closer to obtain each step of the way.

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