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How Mecca is Reinventing ‘Face to Face’ Contact

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By Published On: April 16, 20200 Comments

The Australian retailer uses makeup artists to showcase new products, perform makeovers and applications in-store, which is now defunct due to the outbreak. However, the retailer has reinvented this process by doing it online. 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been new restrictions in place for retailers around the world. For multichannel beauty brands such as Mecca, some things can easily be adapted, but aspects are a little harder.

On a post on LinkedIn, Mecca is now testing its virtual services to its customers. “With our stores being closed until the end of April, our teams have been working behind-the-scenes to come up with new ways of making that happen,” the post explained. “So, we want to welcome you to the world of MECCA’s Virtual Services!”

How can this help boost the brand’s overall image in a time of crisis? Despite already having a robust online presence, the retailer is now maintaining its relationship with its consumers.

This service allows Mecca consultants to serve customers and create an in-store experience online virtually.

“With a little help from technology – and the extensive knowledge of our store hosts and specialists – our customers can now enjoy the complete MECCA experience from the comfort of their own home,” the company said in a statement. “It’s free. It’s fun. And we think it’s pretty fabulous.”

Mecca uses faceTime to connect with its customers, who can book their meeting via the Mecca website. As mentioned in the LinkedIn post, it’s a free service that promotes the face-to-face customer experience that one would receive in-store, even while they remain closed.

As beauty and health retailers experience seismic changes in their strategies, it could be wise to introduce innovative measures to sustain excellent customer experience as the country regains its composure after the COVID-19 outbreak.

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