How Retailers Can Make the Most of the Festive Season

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There’s nothing quite like Christmas in Australia. It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year and this season it is starting early.

Due to the widespread adoption of online and mobile e-commerce, highly switched-on and strategic consumers are now planning their Christmas haul as early as November.

And consume they will. Research from Ipsos highlighted that the average Australian shopper is planning to spend 17 percent more on their holiday purchases this year than in 2018. Spending among younger shoppers (18-34 years old) is set to increase more than 25 percent.

The same research shows that Aussie parents are also anticipated to splash the cash this festive season, with a 21 percent increase in spending.

So how can retailers make the most of a festive period that looks set to be both busier and longer?

Santa’s Little Helpers

Get a little extra help by boosting your brand’s mobile and social presence. The mobile device is the modern-day shop window and its critical retailers forge a firm presence on this platform if they want to thrive.

The reality is that the modern consumer is always shopping whether consciously or subconsciously. As we scroll through our social feeds, we find ourselves greeted with a sea of algorithmically-tailored gift ideas. As a result, mobile and social media payment channels have fast become a go-to-shopping destination for Australian consumers. Facebook’s 2019 Christmas Marketing Guide reveals mobile shopping increased by 11 percent between 2017 and 2018.

The increasing role of mobile is just one example of how customers’ relationships with businesses have become much more complex, going beyond the in-store experience to traverse both digital and physical experiences.

The ability to offer the types of experiences customers are looking for across this range of channels can help determine to whom consumers give their coveted Christmas dollars to. As just one example, findings from the 451 Research Retail Report, commissioned by Adyen, found that more than half (53 percent) of Australian shoppers said they would be more likely to shop at a specific location if they could purchase out-of-stock items and have them delivered to their home.

Get in Line to Eliminate Lines

Helping shoppers avoid the frustration of festive delays should be front of mind for retailers. The pressure of holiday shopping can be a daunting time and Facebook’s Christmas research identified ‘avoiding crowds and lines’ as the top consideration amongst Christmas shoppers.

Findings from the same 451 Research retail report, confirmed that 61 percent of shoppers have abandoned an in-store purchase due to excessive queues.

Options like mobile point-of-sale or self-checkouts can help retailers maximise their Christmas sales by acting as great queue busters. They can also directly influence consumer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a variety of non-cash payment alternatives like contactless and mobile payments.

Endless aisle technology, such as that provided by Adyen, empowers shoppers to choose and buy from a retailer’s full online inventory whilst they are in-store, meaning they don’t have to go to another branch – or competitor – or come back another time.

Consider how prepared your store is ahead of the 2019 Christmas frenzy. Those who can offer busy shoppers a winning experience across multiple platforms with zero friction are in line for some real Christmas cheer.

You can find the full Adyen 2019 Retail Research report here. Michel van Aalten is the Country Manager AUNZ at Adyen.

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