How SMS Marketing can Boost E-Commerce Conversions and Customer Loyalty

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A study by SMS Comparison found that SMS had a click-through rate of 19 percent versus four percent for emails and one percent for Facebook.

The number of channels competing for consumers’ attention makes it difficult for brands to reach them. Let’s examine how retailers are using SMS to increase engagement,  conversions, and loyalty.

SMS for E-Commerce

E-Commerce is a vertical where text message marketing has shown its worth. Using SMS marketing as a channel mix and integrated into a customer’s journey, brands in this space can increase their results. 

SMS Marketing Use Cases for E-Commerce Business

Order confirmations

When a shopper buys something, such as a dining room table or a pair of shoes, they’ll receive an email saying that their purchase has been confirmed. There is a good chance they’ll miss the order confirmation among the hundreds and thousands of emails blasted daily.

Customers who don’t see their order confirmation email may contact customer service. If you don’t respond ‘fast enough,’ they may even put your brand on blast on social media. SMS purchase confirmations give your customers extra peace of mind and catch them on the device they likely use most.

Seasonal promotions

Promotions around holidays, summer sales, and back-to-school are all popular in the world of e-commerce. During peak shopping seasons, text messages are useful for communicating special offers, discount codes, and more. Consider your inbox during the holidays. No doubt, it is loaded with promotional content. Avoid getting lost in a sea of emails and get noticed with personalised SMS  messages.


If you work in e-commerce, you’re no stranger to best sellers. Why not communicate that information to customers in a personalised way? Using Insider’s platform, you can personalise best sellers for each user. If someone loves silk dresses and they’re selling fast, you can text them about it. This creates urgency and encourages someone who might have been on the fence to buy.

Drip Campaigns

If you’ve sent email drip campaigns, you may have noticed a drop in open rates. With automated SMS campaigns, you can send messages that correspond to the stage of a customer’s journey. e-commerce customers can receive welcome drip campaigns and text messages that compel them to act. 

In-Store Events

Will a celebrity be visiting your physical store? Do you plan to hold a makeup workshop? Are you running a campaign to get your customers to donate to your cause? A variety of in-store events can be held by e-commerce businesses. Let your customers know about your events by sending SMS messages, and watch engagement and attendance grow. A few hours before or the day before the event, text them a reminder.

Product Launch

You can use text message marketing to let your customers know about new products. SMS campaigns can help you avoid product launch disasters. Whether you’re launching a new clothing collection or adding a new shopping option,  keep your customers informed with text messages. 

Personalised text message marketing

If your e-commerce business is experiencing service outages or needs to share newsworthy information, mass texting is a good option, but customers want personalisation. SMS can be integrated into an omnichannel marketing platform like Insider so that your success on this channel is maximised.

Want to learn more about SMS for e-commerce and how Insider can help? Click here to request a personalised demo.

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