How To Get Better ROAS from Connected TV than Google Ads

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Adam Shalagin, Managing Director at AdMatch and Co-Founder of AdUnion shares some case profiles to help you understand the potential of Connected TV.

Australia’s biggest sex toys retailer, Wild Secrets has been consistently getting better return on ad spend through Streamed Ads on Connected TV than Google Ads.

A platform developed by Melbourne Media Agency AdUnion that links its sales data to anonymised audience data shows BVOD (Broadcast Video on Demand) is delivering better returns than Google Ads.

Since 2021 Wild Secrets has been doubling down on its Connected TV spend to both Build their brand and sell more product.

“From a ROAS perspective, of all the volume channels we use, it’s the best performing. We’re getting consistently better returns than AdWords.”

— Will Dobbyn, GM, Wild Secrets

Wild Secrets is part of PHE International and is Australia’s largest adult products retailer.

General Manager, Will Dobbyn says BVOD (Broadcast Video on Demand) is delivering deeper value – proven because it is matching up streamed ads with sales through an attribution platform called AdMatch, developed by Melbourne Media agency AdUnion that ties anonymised viewer data to anonymous sales data, all without cookies.

But he also points out there is additional cost, given they invested in new creative after initially using repurposed content and seeing trial results “five-fold better than we were expecting.”

But Wild Secrets is not alone in this experience, with other local online retailers such as Snaffle also seeing great result using AdMatch to measure the ROI of their Streaming TV Ads.

“AdMatch enabled us to optimise the TV audience we were targeting and gave us valuable feedback to inform our channel mix and creatives. More importantly, it led to a 40% improvement in our cost of acquisition. I include AdMatch data and insights in my CEO & Board reports”.

— Paul Winslow, Chief Marketing Officer, Snaffle

Snaffle are an emerging challenger brand experiencing significant growth in a challenging retail environment.  They are an online ecommerce pureplay store with built-in finance that lets you pay off goods over a longer period than BNPL providers.  

AdUnion Co-founder and MD, Robert Ong commented that the Streaming space is still new and evolving and see’s significant changes to all elements of the ecosystem.  

“Everywhere from how we buy, who we buy from, and how we measure is all quickly evolving.  We see all platforms doubling down on video, but nothing is more salient than the TV experience… largest screen in the home, whose impact can now be measured with confidence – that is game changer.   

Words by Adam Shalagin, Managing Director, , Co-Founder, /

About Adam: “I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in marketing and online for the past 25 years working for retailers like Expedia and eBay, launching AdUnion, a Media Agency and AdMatch, an Advertising Technology Company.  Fun Fact – I was running digital text ads for retail travel agents last century, before Google Ads was even a thing!”

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