How to Master Amazon SEO and Skyrocket Product Ranking

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Amazon sellers always seem to struggle with the same dilemma: how to make their products rank higher. Because of how competitive Amazon is as a seller’s platform, the only you can generate more sales is by developing a good SEO strategy around your products.

But, since most sellers want more information in terms of putting together a complex SEO strategy, the paragraphs below will offer them more on the topic.

Amazon Search Ranking – What Is It and How to Use It?

Amazon uses this ranking to determine the popularity of products from different categories. So, to ensure your products have a ranking at all, you must assign them a category. This algorithm doesn’t work for products without categories.

This algorithm is a little unusual. In its case, higher numbers don’t designate more popular products, but worse selling products. In reverse, a smaller rank is assigned to better-selling products. To make your products rank better in their categories, consider the following factors:

  • Apply SEO strategies to make your products rank better. Amazon works on the same principles of a search engine.
  • When searching for products, customers don’t land on a certain seller’s items. They are offered a series of similar products that fit their search queries.
  • Your direct competitors are other Amazon sellers, so aim to improve your Amazon SEO efforts.

We know it sounds complicated, but hear us out.

When trying to improve your Amazon SEO efforts, you have to think of three main variables, all equally important.

Let’s see why. First, your conversion rates will tell you how much traffic your product pages have; how many visitors that land on your page actually make a purchase from your shop. This is why you have to invest in optimising and improving your prices, images, product reviews, and more. All these will turn product visitors into product buyers. But we’ll get down to more information a little bit later.

Keyword relevance is a variable that tells you how relevant the keywords you use are, as compared to what people search on Amazon. Product pages with appropriate product titles and descriptions rank higher in the A9 Algorithm used by Amazon.

You may be confused by how the Amazon algorithm uses customer satisfaction to determine product relevancy. To put it simply, seller feedback and ROI are the determinant factors here.

Keyword Optimisation on Amazon

Because Amazon SEO is similar to traditional SEO, you have to put a lot of efforts into finding relevant keywords and optimising your product pages. Contrary to what many seem to think this doesn’t mean sellers have to overuse keywords on their product pages. You just have to include relevant keywords in the content on the product page. And, since we’re discussing content, you sellers should make sure the content on each product page is created in such a fashion to inspire reliability. Do this by explaining to your potential buyers how your products are going to solve their daily problems.

Improve product titles

In terms of Amazon SEO, product title is the most important thing you should strive to improve. There are many tips and tricks you can use to improve your product titles, and the ones you should apply mainly depend on the type of products you sell. Elements like the name of the product, brand, and key features of the item should be included. If you’re a non-native seller, ensure you adapt your titles and keywords to English. This will boost your chances to rank higher.

Use bullet points

This makes the content easy to navigate and understand. No matter how many features your product has, you should aim to make that content easy to navigate. This is a solid way to make bulks of text more readable and to entertain potential buyers’ curiosity. Make sure to include the most important features of a product among the first bullet points. This way, your readers will first see the main selling points. Few of them actually read the last few ones, so don’t leave essential information last.

Product descriptions matter

Although product descriptions influence your SEO ranking less than many sellers think, they are a good way to boost conversion rates. Accurate and informative product descriptions are a solid way to boost the sales numbers on your products.

Generally, customers want to learn as much as possible about a product before making an acquisition. Neil Patel has some advice for Amazon sellers who want to boost their conversion rates. The most important step, as he says, is identifying your target audience before writing the description. Include all technical details of your products, as these are the ones which will draw potential buyer’s attention the most.

On-Page Optimisation Guide

Now, let’s get to on-page optimisation strategies that will help you see your sales skyrocket. This is another element you should pay extra attention to. To resume the whole process, make sure you don’t skip any of the steps below.

  • Use multiple product images and a product video if possible. It has been proven multiple times that people prefer visual content instead of written content. Pictures and videos are attention-grabbing without becoming boring. Make sure to take clean pictures of your products and use a contrasting background. High-resolution images (1,000 px by 1,000 px) are always the best solution; people usually zoom in on the product, to see it in detail. Use multiple images of the same product, since people want to see the product in different instances and from different angles.
  • Always sell products with a brand name and use the brand awareness transferred to your shop. We explained previously how this can help you improve your Amazon SEO strategy.
  • Optimised, keyword-rich titles, to make your product pages perform better.
  • Never skip on answering user questions or reviews. Try to offer as much relevant information as possible in your answers, and always be polite. When writing answers to customer questions or reviews, try to be as clear as possible. Avoid vague phrasing and answers.
  • Include child listings on your strategy. This means you should offer your clients various options and versions of the same product.
  • Highlight the best features and benefits of the product you sell, since we have already emphasized how important for your customer conversion these are.

Final Word

Amazon sellers who feel discouraged by the whole SEO strategy matter should follow the advice above. Although these involve a lot of steps and constant work, they have been proven to work by professional Amazon sellers. The main idea here is to understand as much as possible how Amazon’s search engine works and how the algorithm behind establishes product authority. And never forget: products with no category assigned will never rank.

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