How to Reduce Waste and Restore Your Profit

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When it comes to business, the general belief has always been that you must make environmental sacrifices to realise substantial profit and vice versa.

Despite this, there are key ways businesses can reconcile these seemingly-opposite ideals of conservation and capitalism. Here I will outline three key ways to do so, and demonstrate how it may inspire a more eco-friendly and prosperous work environment for those looking to both reduce waste and restore profit.

Shift to exact-size packaging:

Quite simply, using the right-size packaging system allows you to create a more sustainable packaging process and reduce overall costs associated with fulfilment. By placing corporate emphasis on packaging materials that can adapt to product size/s, you are investing in a strategy that will ultimately elicit greater profit.

Exact-size packaging reduces transport costs by increasing vehicle utilisation, eliminating empty space in the product packaging and creating more room on the delivery vehicle. Coupled with this fiscally-responsible method, increased transport utilisation results in less vehicles on the road and therefore an improved carbon footprint.

Invest in innovate styles of on-demand packaging:

Expending corporate resources on machinery to accelerate on-demand packaging is an investment in both future profits and conservatism, with ABBE Corrugated deeming the importance of bringing this technology to the many retailers in the Australian market high. One example is Panotec machinery that creates the right size packaging for your products automatically, eliminating void fill and improving product protection, while saving you money at the same time. With different models and capabilities it’s ideal for small-medium enterprises.

For high-volume retailers the CMC CartonWrap automatic carton packaging system has been able to create dynamic cardboard boxes from a continuous fanfold corrugated material for ecommerce players like and The real-time format change is managed automatically through product recognition or directly from a database ensuring high flexibility of processing. The system can be expanded to add print systems for logos, trademarks or any other information directly to the box, further allowing each box to be unique.

Investments such as this one provide great value to handling processes, reducing labour and transportation costs. Also, with the right-sized box guaranteed every time, the need for packaging fillers and empty space within cartons is eliminated, in turn reducing waste further.

Explore variations on the classic design

By expanding product design and innovation beyond the standard design or model, you can create a loyal and interested customer base whose evolving needs you can satisfy and requests you can fulfil. Simultaneously, you encourage a consciousness of production and a vested interest in the sustainability of production.

Creating outside of the standard will not only result in innovative product design, but also inspire reasonable and considerate ways of producing.

The sacrifice of eco-friendliness for profit is clearly a trend of the past; there are strategies actively at work to remedy these fears and further revolutionise the packaging industry and I encourage businesses looking to both reduce waste and increase profit to look first at their packaging needs.

Daniel O’Sullivan is the Sales Director of ABBE Corrugated. ABBE – AUSTCOR will be exhibiting at Australia’s leading e-commerce event, Online Retailer Expo and Conference (July 24-25), where visitors will learn cutting-edge business insights, the latest trends, tech innovation, retail solutions, and hear exclusive insider insight from key players in the industry.

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