How to Win Over Fashion Shoppers

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Key takeaways from Power Retail’s Fashion Shopper Profile Report 2023 to help you win over more fashion shoppers. 

The Fashion industry is worth more than $1 trillion worldwide. With such a saturated market, standing out in the crowd of fashion retailers boils down to giving customers what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. 

Power Retail’s Fashion Shopper Profile Report 2023 acts as a guide to Australian fashion shoppers preferences. The research uses data from surveyed fashion shoppers across Australia to reveal their preferences, shopping habits, opinions and more. 

We’ve pulled some key findings from the report to help you strategise and win over fashion shoppers. 

Offer Click and Collect

From instant gratification to having horror delivery experiences, shoppers are increasingly opting for the benefits of Click and Collect services which presents an opportunity for multichannel retailers to stand out and provide an amazing, integrated shopping experience.

Fashion shoppers are increasingly opting for click and collect over home delivery as is evident by an 11ppt increase in 2023. 

Click & Collect offers convenience and control, and is cost effective for both shoppers and retailers. 

Shoppers appreciate the convenience and flexibility of selecting a suitable pick-up location and time, while also enjoying the convenience of in-person returns and exchanges. 

The added security of physically inspecting items and the potential environmental benefits further contribute to the preference. 

Lastly, the in-store experience that click and collect can offer, leading to unplanned shopping, adds to its appeal for fashion enthusiasts – and retailers 

Offer BNPL Payment Options 

A substantial portion of the total purchases made through the BNPL method is allocated to Fashion-related transactions. With a range of BNPL options offered by Fashion retailers, shoppers are spoilt for choice. 59 percent of fashion shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if a website offers a BNPL option. And they tend to spend more when a BNPL option is at their disposal.

Offering this flexibility for customers becomes increasingly more important as shoppers feel the cost of living crunch. 

Optimise your Digital Experience

For pure-play retailers seeking to attract more customers, and omnichannel retailers looking to optimise, focus on creating a positive user experience on your website. 

Personalisation and brand consistency enhance the shopping experience.

Apps are also a great way to cater to customers needs with personalisation. Offering discounts for first-time app users and creating a user-friendly app experience can boost app installs.

Address high return rates in fashion by enhancing product descriptions, offer virtual try-on options, and implement lenient return policies. The report suggests that retailers can also use predictive analytics to better match customer preferences with product recommendations, ultimately reducing the likelihood of returns and enhancing the overall shopping experience.


Find out more strategies for winning over fashion shoppers and access the full research and data by downloading the Fashion Shopper Profile Report here:

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