How Zoho Drives Small Businesses to Massive Success

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Timothy Kasbe, Zoho's Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, discusses the launch of its new commerce platform, Commerce Plus, and the future of e-commerce.

Global software giant, Zoho, has launched its comprehensive commerce platform, Commerce Plus. Built upon its legacy platform, Zoho One, the operating system is a fully integrated, end-to-end platform for the commerce vertical.

Commerce Plus offers small and medium business leveraged sales, fulfilment, analytics, finance and customer experience software to provide businesses with an interconnected and ‘first-of-its-kind’ commerce experience platform.

“Businesses today are forced to navigate the technology jungle to figure out the right applications needed to run their operations—this is no different, and can be even more challenging, in commerce,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho’s Chief Evangelist.

Small and medium-sized businesses now have the opportunity to stand against global tech giants such as Alibaba, Amazon and eBay, and with Zoho’s software, don’t have to worry about the tech side of things. “We’ve started with our customers first. What do they need? They don’t have to worry about IT at all – Zoho can enable products for the customers without having them to invest millions of dollars,” said Timothy Kasbe, Zoho’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand.

“If you think about the geography of Australia, there are two million small businesses who serve their local customers. If they get wiped out by these tech giants, then the customer is left only with the choices that are available in these markets,” Kasbe explained.

Zoho’s platform aims to give small businesses an advantage over the likes of Amazon and Alibaba, by continuing to support ‘the little guy’. “Small businesses can sell overseas goods, as well as local products and help their own economy. It’s critical that we stand by and support small businesses,” Kasbe said. As the e-commerce industry continues to boom, the issue of trust with consumers trickles along behind it. “The future of e-commerce is really exciting,” explained Kasbe. “It’s going to become more visual and video related. But there is a crisis of trust with the big guys going on right now. They’re catching up with themselves.”

Commerce Plus offers quick and easy ways to construct an online presence for small and medium-sized businesses. By offering built-in templates, the platform enables the users to quickly digitise the commerce business with ‘minimum effort’. The platform also allows users to sell across channels, either through their own e-commerce store, third-party marketplaces, brick-and-mortar storefronts and other channels. It offers ‘powerful’ analytics for commerce, with end-to-end operations and several pre-built dashboards and reports that span across e-commerce, operations and more.

Alongside Commerce Plus, Zoho also offers a comprehensive Concierge package, enabling a fully digitised service for a business in one day. The service includes e-commerce website setup, inventory sales, accounting and analytics. “If we can’t digitise in one day, we will give you your money back and do it anyway,” explained Kasbe.

Zoho’s mission to democratise technology gives small businesses the ability and accessibility to compete against tech giants in an ‘easy and affordable’ way. “This landscape of e-commerce is going to be affected by the crisis of trust. The small guys have a chance to digitise themselves and start staying in the 21st century,” said Kasbe.

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